Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Starts out at none and ends up ONE!

That's right, two weeks worth of Levi pictures in one SUPER POST! I mentioned last week that I would blog a second time last week and I never did... so here's a recap of what happened from the last week of Levi being in his first year of life and the week after he turned one.

This is our sweet little boy right before nap time
"Mom! Let me in the Kitchen pleazzz!"

"I can't do it, just pick me up!"

Two weekend ago we were up in Wisconsin for Misty and Andy's wedding, which worked out conveniently with seeing this small Delafield based band that we've loved for a few years now!


That's right, the band that brought us hits such as, "911," "Dreams," and "Crackling." Unfortunately, only half the band was able to make the show, but it was our favorite two members, so we won out any ways.

Thanks Drew and Dylan for a great show!

Leave it to Levi to flirt with one of the band member's sister...

Jenny got up and close with lead singer/guitarist Drew (her lil' bro)

Saturday was wedding day! Congrats to Misty and Andy and thanks for letting us be a part of your day! Levi enjoyed some quality time with his aunts and their electronics!

"Look at my coo tongue!"

"Dad, I want one of deez"

Levi and his aunts!

Sunday was Jenny's baptism in Lake Michigan! Oh wait, the e coli levels were too high...

Levi got to hang out with our good friend Lauren, easily one of his favorite ladies!

Well, not going to let poop water stop us from commiting ourselves to God...

Levi was so proud of his Mama!

Hangin' with Mama!
Quick recap: Levi turned ONE on Tuesday
On Saturday we had a party for Levi at Loyola beach. Thank you to all our family and friends that made it; it was great to see you all! Thank you Jess for the amazing Brewers hat!

Auntie FunFun

Poor Levi got snapped by the birthday hat... accidentally by his Daddy.
"Blow out the candle!"
(Photo and candle bombed by Gracie!)

Jenny wasn't in the mood for cake time 2.0, we went with the cupcake!


"T-I-Double Guh-Errr"

Levi loved his DumpTruck from Nani and Papa

Relaxing back home with storytime (Uncle Drew style)

Drew stayed with us this week. Levi and he had lots of jam sessions
(Just picture Levi with a lighter in his hand)
Well, we're off to Michigan tomorrow. And so starts year two of "Life in Leviland!" Thanks for sticking with us over the last year and don't worry I've signed a contract for at least one more year of weekly posts!

"That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved" ~Romans 10:9


Anonymous said...

love it love it love it!
Can't believe he's really one already.
Love all of you! Smooches and hugs!

Mom Wendy/G-Woo

LEGamache said...

These pictures are great! He's such a cutie! Hope year two is even better than year one!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog as usual but I am very sorry that Grace got in the cake pic!!!