Thursday, May 16, 2013

Da Mama Day!

Happy belated Da Mama Day to all you mothers out there! I hope you all were loved by your families and got the day you hoped for (at least partially). For those of you that didn't Levi offers the above empathy...

Over the past two plus weeks we've been pretty busy getting our lives back in order after vacation and busy season. We've been laying low for the most part, but we were glad to have some visitors along the way. I know I'm probably missing some people but the boys were very excited to have Nani around for the day a couple weeks ago. Levi showed off his reading skills (memorization skills is more like it) and enjoyed some nap time with Nani as well.

We also had the pleasure of having Uncle Johnny and his co-worker/friend Kirk in town to keep us busy last week. They were much busier than we were visiting and enjoying the city, but we did get to enjoy the Shedd Aquarium, deep dish pizza, and our local custard shop while they were around! However, you'll have to venture on to Facebook to catch any pictures of their visit.

So, I blink and here we are at Da Mama Day 2013! We call it that here at theJonesPod simply because that is how the boys refer to Jenny - Da Mama. We had a great day both with and without Jenny. I say that because us dudes gave Jenny a couple hours break in the afternoon just to hang out with a friend and be an adult :)

However, as every Da Mama Day should begin... we served Jenny breakfast in bed!

Tigue was much more into it than Levi... partially because he was hungry and this was his first Da Mama Day that he was actively involved :) He was very helpful in the kitchen... unlike someone else.

Taking a quick side track from the boys, I just wanted to document that Jenny and I were able to enjoy a night out with amazing friends on Monday at a rooftop (thanks Jared and Somerlie)! For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, the homes around Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play baseball, have the top 3-4 floors designed to be able to view the game! It is amazing. It is my preferred way to enjoy the game!

Can't beat the view at this rooftop overlooking right field!

We also enjoyed a night out yesterday for all four of us as we celebrated our friends' son's first birthday! It was another great evening, but after two nights out before Wednesday, theJonesPod is spent!

I didn't know that Jenny's sleeping rolls were genetic... but both are boys have it!

 These were all taken within a minute...

And that gets you caught up on theJonesPod. A busy but fun start to "real" Spring and hopefully more time spent outside. I think having a few more visitors would be nice too... hint hint ;) Have a great rest of the week everyone and remember... "Adventure is out there!" (Name that Disney movie)

"Come to ME, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." ~ Matthew 11:28