Sunday, February 28, 2010

Levi loves his "Mama" and "Daddy"

"Who put this drool on my face?" It's another week at the Jones Flat and guess what, we were busy once again. First off, Jenny's aunt Dru was in town on business and we got to enjoy two fun evenings with her. Levi was very excited about his new stuffed animal.

Oh, and he is SOOOO close to crawling... probably sometime this month. Jenny is savoring her last moments of Levi's lack of mobility.

And he's a chip off the old block, he loves electronics.
"Someone get that cell phone away from Levi!"

Carli and Steve made a trip down this weekend, too. They made their way over to IKEA with Levi and Jenny while I was working on Friday. The girls decided to try some hats on Levi...

It was a good week with family and friends. Levi is developing so fast and has become quite the little talker, except when he's chewing on the closest item he can find.

And by the way... he said, "Dada!"

Here's a video of what we could get Levi to say with the cameras rolling. I'll admit his "Mama," is quite often more of a "baba," and he doesn't make the association with what he's saying. But as parents it is uber-exciting! Hopefully, he'll be quoting football facts like his dad in no time!

Thanks again to all those that are following the blog and spending some time keeping up with our life. I'll leave you with the following message... " You're loved! God loves you!" For some reason I feel like there's some of you out there that just need to hear that. Have a great week everyone and God bless!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Levi, who's that lady over there?"

Nothing like a good nap in a huge pile of blankets to make one's day. Levi is growing like a weed... a super intelligent, sophisticated weed who is awesome! This week was another relaxing one spent at home. No out-of-state, make that no-out-of Chicago, travel. Lots of family time and Levi laughs. This week included borderline crawling, Cheerios,
and the highly sought-after first word...


(Although I'm not entirely convinced he knows who he's referring to, there was more than one occasion this weekend that he made the proper reference!)

"Too many Mama kisses!"

You can see his new bottom "toofers" in the next picture

Followed by more good times with Mama; I think we were watching Shaun White tear it up in the halfpipe... Double McTwist 1260... seriously!?

He loves his Daddy too!

And his blankie and baba that he rarely gets to enjoy
(we're so strict...)

New high chair! He's still a little small for it.

As much as it was nice to just be at home with no plans, we had a very pleasant visit from Jenny's parents this weekend, as well as a fun night with Cyrus (who just turned 1)! My favorite part of Saturday night, besides time with the little boys, was Cyrus' dad's comment as he was leaving with his wife for their belated Valetine's Day date night, "It's date night, I get to do all kinds of fun stuff," which came after he picked his wife up and carried her to the car from our front step to avoid the snow.
Here's Levi thoroughly enjoying his Papa Tiggy
And his baby buddy Cyrus

"Hello friend!"

"I'll catch up to you some day, Cyrus!"



And now we'll bid you "Adieu" with a little (actually, somewhat involved) video of our Cheerio Potty Pants who is, strangely enough, eating his namesake.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! And if any of you run into my best friend Chris (the SOUTH KOREAN) this week, push him twice...once for me and once for Apollo Ohno! ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I See Teefs! Waaaaahhhh!

Here we are back to the weekend updates! I know you're extremely excited, even those of you that don't check in until Monday or later. We had a pretty scary moment this week... we lost our camera for a couple days! However, you'll be happy to know that not only did we find it, but we have a spare camera and Sammi (my oldest younger sister) was in town this weekend to share in the picture taking (see if you can spot the camera quality difference).
So, Levi's week was still well documented...
and by the way, Levi's bottom two front teef (teeth)
came in this weekend. His mommy is beside herself
because she thinks her baby is gone (eyes rolling).
He is very very close to crawling.
He'll move a hand then a leg and then...fall or cry.

Jenny left Levi on the couch with my laptop. He rolled down from sitting up and started going to town on the keys...

He was very excited!

"Look at me, I'm a big boy!"

Jenny is trying to enjoy time with baby Levi, before he becomes toddler Levi.

"Is there something in my mouth?"

Big Smiles!

"Hi, Auntie Sammi; you better share that sucker with me!"
"I ain't doin' nuffin' "

Just lovin' on his Auntie Sammi.
Here's Levi's new favorite game...

I'll leave you with a short story from Sammi's babysitting adventures this week. Sammi was asking the four-year-old she was sitting for what she wanted to be when she grows up. After a short pause the insightful little one responded, "Well...I think I'Munna be in charge when I grow up, 'cuz mom said when I grow up I'munna be in charge but right now it's her turn." CLASSIC!

Have a great week everyone,
and Happy First Birthday, Cyrus!!

...and Valentine's Day :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Week at Home

Hello! It's time for another update from Levi-land. You may be wondering why we keep posting on Tuesday instead of the usual Sunday night, but I felt it was necessary this week to wait until after Levi's six month check, so that I could tell you how awesome our little 15 lb. 15 oz. 26 incher is doing... He's doing terrific, as if there was any other answer, and that's what his doctor said too. For the other weeks, posting on Tuesday was just a matter of laziness...
As hilarious as the above picture is, as Levi tries to simultaneously gnaw on his hand, Jenny's pull string and the rings on his elephant, Blueberry Bill (Jenny's handiwork), this was really just our way of making you look at our amazing lasagna that we made!

Levi is starting to get the hang of sitting up; it won't be long before he's crawling all over the place. It might be time to buffer all our table edges...

Levi loves to take his nuk out and put it back in. Rarely does it end up back in the same way it came out; this was pretty close.

"Gimme the camera!"

Now that Levi is a rolling machine, he falls asleep in the best positions, like the "butt in the air" cuddle...

Or the "I hate the light" lounge.

He always manages to find the corner...

Enjoy as Levi makes his own brand of music!

Before I go, I need to ask you all for a huge favor. This past week some friends of ours, Matt and Lauren, lost their baby, Isaiah David, at 32 weeks (second miscarriage in less than 14 months)... So, please lift them up as you speak with God over the next few months and pray that they can make it through each day knowing that God is in control and loves us. I'll leave you with a few words from Lauren...

"A few months before my grandmother passed away, she gave my mother her rosary. Its beads remind us that the FATHER encircles and wraps us with love. At the base of my grandmother's rosary, JESUS the MESSIAH, our hope and salvation, stretches HIS arms, victorious over death. The day after my son, Isaiah, walked into those same arms, my mother gave me this rosary."


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Uuugghhh... I don't like it"

We were thinking of sending this photo in to Carter's Kids (maker of most of Levi's clothes) to see if they would be interested in Levi modeling for them, but I think he needs to lose a little weight first... I kiiiiddd, we love our little Chunky!

Levi is really starting to explore and enjoy toys, which gives Mommy a little more down time.
Even a little time to pose for some pics!

Levi wasn't so sure about the camera in his face for the 10 millionth time

But I did get some great pictures before he lost interest

This past weekend we were up in Wisconsin helping Carli and Steve move in to their new home. It has a great layout and a very nice guest bedroom for our little family of three. Levi approved by sleeping through the night for the first time at a new place. Here I am getting Levi's car seat; just had to add this to make sure I made the blog. :)

Here's the happy home owners... and their home! And since you've been waiting so patiently, I'll explain the title to this week's post... as part of the new home owner celebration I bought little Babybel cheese wheels. Steve had never had one, so I told him he had to try one. He pulled one out... pulled off the wrapper... and bit into it... "uuuugghhh... I don't like it," Steve moaned. "Steve, you need to peel off the wax first, that red stuff is wax, the cheese is inside it!" (We all laughed and laughed the rest of the weekend!)

Levi enjoying his baby food; our baby is getting SOOOO big!

Well, that's all from us here in Chicago. Have a great week everyone and happy belated birthday Sarah!