Monday, April 26, 2010

Toofers, Toofers, and more Toofers

Levi has been having a tough couple weeks. He has THREE teeth coming in up top and his poor little mouth and jaw seem to always be sore. So, he's making sure to chew on everything extra hard as of late, including this key ring.

However, no matter the pain, bath time always makes things better!

Especially splashing!

Sporting the treehugger shirt on Earth Day! Um..... go Earth Day, I guess.

So, we got a lovely package in the mail this week from my employer... congratulating us on having a baby! There was a humorous little rattle and a really nice baby towel (so plush). Thanks KPMG, only nine months after the fact. However, in their defense, it appeared the package was sent to our previous Chicago address and then sent back to Dallas and then re-mailed to our current address. Not sure why forwarding didn't work or why it took an extra 6-8 months... oh well.

The rattle says, "My Parent Works At KPMG" and Levi has some awesome snot goin' on.

He was trying to escape nap time

It didn't work

Surprise visit by the Dwyer fam.
Levi got a new jacket and hat as part of the deal.

Chalk up another couple points to the Dwyer team on proper grandparenting... step it up Jones'... j/k

Not sure what he's checking out, but he looks cute doing it!

Drew was given one letter of our wireless password for each minute spent with Levi. He wanted to use it with his new iPod Touch... fancy (the password thing was my response to being jealous of his new toy). Any ways, he started by plopping down next to Levi and turning off the music on BooBoo's Jumperoo. Levi was not happy.
So, I added a couple minutes to the first password letter for this.

P.S. Your sister is still shocked at how much taller you are than she.
Knock it off! :)

My baby is a genius! Check out Levi's new fad: the upside down nuk

Here's a prime example of our little Tooth-a-nator.
Another rare moment of pure sassiness.
We can almost hear him saying,
"I'lllllll be baaaaaack...with another cranky face!"

Here we have Levi exploring the far edges of his crib slats. We don't care what the SIDS people say, this is why we have a bumper!

Today Jenny went to visit Aunt Marty and Uncle Ed in Crown Point. As a Christmas present, they GENEROUSLY gave Levi a little angel photo shoot with the lovely Edda Taylor; we just had to wait until the lil guy was able to sit up on his own. The shoot was complete with ethereal backdrop, floofy angel wings, a mini-French horn, and a cute baby! All I have to say is there better be at least one picture with Levi wielding a weapon...

Isn't he darling?! And check out the big boy underpants/diaper cover :)
Thanks for stopping by, all! I hope you enjoyed the NFL draft this past weekend with its three days of AMAZINGNESS instead of its normal two. We look forward to the Jones' attempt to even up the score this coming weekend ;)

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the FATHER of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17

Monday, April 19, 2010

Carrots are good for your vision!

Ever wonder how Levi keeps his eyes so bright? Carrots! Well, actually, he just has great eyes, but this week he has started munching on carrots, and anything else he sees us eating that we feel is ok for him.

Super Excited!
"I'm big boy!"

He's started enjoying the jump-a-roo for a new reason... jumping! Not quite evident in this picture, but he has a fun little smile on his face, so it made the blog.

He got into his treats and dragged them down the hall before enjoying a few at the end of the couch.

Levi trying to climb over this box of toys (it was on its side). The box flipped 90 degrees as he moved over it. This was the result... stuck. Hilarious! Then...

he pulled one foot back into the box and...

leaned over some more...
bonk! Poor baby, Daddy cared more about capturing the moment than preventing the fall... Worth it! Is that mean? Bad parenting? "I submit that it is not!"

Reading time before bed

This weekend we were at Gracie Perricone's Fourth Birthday Party. Levi loved kicking the soccer ball around. And when I say kicking the soccer ball around I mean I would kick it up into my hands and then he would hit with his hands and laugh. Same thing, right? I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but over the last week or so Levi has really started loving balls and I'm excited! Let's leave it at that, ok?!

Cute monkey lip face!

Here's Gracie opening our present, and Gracie's Great Aunt lovin' on Levi in the background. Dad, remember when you said we would start being integrated into our friends' families... I'm starting to feel that way with the Perricones. Thanks Brittany and John!

Levi and John Michael hangin' out. Where are Levi's pants?

The boys loved playing with the water bottles

"Hey Levi, how do you hold it like that?"

"Here, John Michael, let me me show you..."

"Now you got it, good job!"

"I think I want the one you have, Levi..."

To be continued...

Have a great week everyone and keep your fingers crossed that a high-end offensive lineman is available when Ted has to make his first pick on Thursday. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, that's ok, just love Levi!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One more day...

Another "fun" week of tax accounting, but I'm down to ONE day and I've already finished all my April 15th work, so back to blogging about our little monster. You may be asking yourself, why is he so bundled up in the middle of April? Well, really Jenny just needed Levi to slow down for a couple hours. This did the trick...


Actually we had a little cold front here in Chicago and this was easier than turning the heat back on; he was still surprisingly fast in this suit.

And super cute!

Classic Levi napping style

Mr. Snotty-Nose was super interested in my feet

He almost got my heel in his mouth... sick!

Levi was enjoying the Masters while we visited Uncle Ed and Aunt Martha this weekend. I'm not a huge Phil Mickelson fan, but considering part of my "hard earned" money goes to him I'm glad he got us (KPMG) some more international PGA "TV time".

Levi has loved practicing walking and his new Easter outfits

Something caught his eye and I look like a tax accountant right before the deadline, oh wait, that's exactly what I am...


Today was a fun day at the Jones home. Jenny and Levi got the joy of spending the day with Brittany and her beautiful babies, Grace and John Michael. What a pretty group! Good thing I was taking the picture and not in it.

Well, have a good rest of the week all and look for some more consistent weekly updates now that busy season is over... until August. And if you're freaking out about filing by tomorrow know that you don't need to file by tomorrow if you are going to be due a refund. The government has no problem holding on to your money longer... :)

Happy Tax Day Eve!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He's such a Ham!

What a crazy long week! The weather was amazing here in Chicago and work is starting to slow down, which leads to time outside and more time with Jenny and Levi! However, the two of them did have quite the adventures without me as well.

Levi got to play outside for the first time in his life! I didn't know sun protection could look so cute.

Jenny made sure his cute little neck fat was safe too!

Mickey and Pluto got nothin' on this boy!

His need for "the control" has already begun...

Little Mr. Curious

Levi had a surprise visitor in his cage, I mean PLAY-pen

Levi and Bompa bein' buds

Levi and Papa Tiggy enjoyin' the game

What a beautiful little man-family... Grampa Mokey, Levi, and Papa Tiggy going for a nice walk in Dover Bay

Levi and his grandparents
Look at the Motherload Levi raked in over Easter weekend, thanks Family!

Jenny went to wash her hands and Levi decided he would fold some laundry

Levi sporting his Christian Dior hat for the first time.

(Jenny bought this hat in Italy when she was about eight weeks pregnant; it finally fits!)

He's got Mama's eyes, for sure

And his Dada's spitting skills

His Mama's sleeping style

and two sweet little teeth

Just precious

Here's Levi's casting video to join the laughing babies genre on YouTube.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and may you find peace of mind in the knowledge and gift of salvation in Christ our Lord!

Romans 6:8-11