Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome Back! (August 2013)

 With the final 2012 state tax return going out to the client this Friday... the work world is finally starting to calm down. Last year was actually a lot easier... I just sat at home and ate brown rice (and learned how to walk again). Any ways, it's time to get you all caught up on what is the dealio. So, let's start with how we roll (above) on the L-train. I don't honestly recommend a child on your shoulders on a train but Levi and I have awesome cores...

Let's think back... what big events happened in August 2013. I was working, the boys kept being cute, Jenny was a little business lady, hmmm.... Well, Levi was looking dashing!

Tigue was looking pretty smashing too! Interesting that they are matching...

Oh yeah! Sammi and Dylan got married - congrats guys!

Back in Chi-town, our boys are big fans of the bean in Millennium Park.

What's better than Tigue?! Two Tigues!!!

Lovin' the city with Mama!

These bears are weird, but the boys love them :)

Just enjoying his morning coffee...

Tigue is more of a mocha guy!

Tigue is trying to make the socks and sandals happen!
(I think he's pulling it off)

Tigue watches TV at the top of the couch...
 Levi has his couch arm
(no one uses the actually sitting area of the couch)

It was a tough day...

Trying to get more use out of the classy hats

I call this: Possibilities :)

Those D*MN bears!

This only has three ounces of jelly!?

Counter Eating!

As busy season began to peak, Jenny and the boys came downtown to have brunch with me and give me some comic relief :)

I think... he sat in a puddle.

Jenny and the boys got stuck in the rain, but they definitely worked it!

Annual trip to the race tracks!
(another chance to use the classy hats)

"So, Dad when's the next update?
I'm keeping your phone until it comes out!"

Finally, the time has come for us to get back on the path of what's important! I will try to keep the updates rolling and punch out a bunch this month. Hopefully that will get me back in the habit! Thank you Goggy, Uncle Jim, Dad, and Chris for keeping on me for an update :) Have a great rest of the week everyone and I will see you soon - I promise!

"May the GOD who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that CHRIST JESUS had" ~ Romans 15:5

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Baby Birthdays! (iPhone Update 2)

Welcome to the Casey's iPhone catchup #2! Hopefully you're on your wifi or a hard lined computer when you opened this page because it's a solid 64 picture update! That's right - I might be slow, I might be insanely busy, but when I deliver, I deliver! That being said, we've got eight weeks of jam packed activities and life events to get through, so let's cut the 'I'm sorry's' and excuses and get to those babies!

Back we go to the first full week in June... Levi has completed his spring gymnastics class and it's show time! You'll have to come visit us to see his entire performance in the last class/show, but let's just say he rocked it! That timid little dude that started gymnastics barely able to hang from a bar can now do front rolls, bar flips, unassisted balance beam walks, leg lifts on the uneven bars, ring flips, and SO much more! We are SO proud of our little man!

The show was a beach theme! Levi was very proud of himself. Imagine that lei is a gold metal... I did!


Loving oatmeal on the birthday morning...
 Very yummy!

BooBoo joins us!

 What's the best way to start the birthday? 
Banana on a train!

Big Two-Year-Old!

Headed to strawberry picking!

This is how Levi pre-games...

A little sun protection and a wagon ride!

Tigue was our quality control man
(i.e. taste tester!)

More Strawberries?!

They were naturals!


Gotta love feeding the chickens!

After a day out in the sun, picking strawberries...
Gotta have some chocolate custard!

More mmmmm's....

Levi has to have the cone!

Just a little bit on your nose buddy :)

Tigue and all his booty!
Happy Birthday My Sweet Munchy Moo!

Fast forward to Kylie's graduation... the next day!

Having fun at the park for the reading of names C through H...

Tigue getting his spin on!

More cookie making with Nani!
Definitely a staple with each visit...

More taste testing...

G-Woo and Grandpa got Tigue an awesome scooter!

You'd think he was born with a scooter in his hands!

Rocking the scooter!

A little speed assistance from Mama

Levi getting reacquainted with his 4-wheeler

Now we fast forward to the next weekend. We're headed back up to Wisconsin for my Canada trip. Tigue is a big car napper. It really helps the commute :)

The boys love time with their younger two aunties!

Levi is our fancy pants - busting a move at the park!

Not sure what to call this...

The camera loves Levi!

He's hilarious!

I love those little brown-greenish eyes!

Future #1 Doubles...

We've made it to Fourth of July week! We're up at my parents' lake house enjoying some late night chili and hanging out in undies :)



The big fishers with their catch!

One of the boys is a little more remorseful during timeout...

Back in Chi-town for a change and yes that is a bag of peas because Tigue bonked his face - 
poor little Munch :(

Two of my pretty faces!

Look at those curls!

Back at the park loving the water fountain!

The local balloon artist is AMAZING!
Like... the Amazing Spiderman Amazing!

A morning without da Mama...
I had to bury the boys to keep track of them :)

They thought it was hilarious!

Thanks to our neighbors Kandie and Joe for a great morning at the beach

Our little man is FOUR! 
Time for his LARRYBOY Birthday!

We had a fantastic day with Jenny's parents and aunt and uncle! We also got a surprise visit from the Roundys!
 Future tree climber...
 The birthday boy too!

This is the Nani addition to Levi's sidewalk shrine :)

This too!

And this :)

One of Levi's favorite things is to do is go to see the local puppets! 
He loves to give them "tickets" - i.e. $1 bills :)

The puppeteer is fantastic - he is in Andersonville!
I recommend checking him out!

Tigue loves it too!

A Levi birthday just wouldn't be complete with out a visit to "his" toys at Target! And on a special day like a birthday.. means some of them can come home!

He was SO excited!
Happy Birthday My Precious Little Boy!

Wow! That was a quick eight weeks! Thanks for sticking around despite my lack of updates. We have our camera back, life is starting to calm down (after this coming week) and it's really hard to remember back eight weeks... Congrats to Sammi and Dylan! We love you guys and VERY much look forward to the wedding this Friday! Have a wonderful week everyone and I hope you enjoyed the fall-esque weekend if you're in IL or WI :)

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." ~Romans 12:12