Monday, February 27, 2012

Sleeping on the job...

There's really no excuse for how long it took me to get these pictures off our phones. Hopefully a majority of you got some glimpses of February through Jenny's facebook posts but for those of you that are not on facebook it's time for a February wrap-up! So, let's get these little side sleepers up and ready to entertain!

Jenny and I sleep on our sides a lot too... I didn't know it was contagious or genetic!

So, February... big shocker, we were busy but twice this month we got a chance to enjoy some hotel pool accommodations. This was Tigue's first time in a pool! It was at a Holiday Inn in Crown Point, IN for Marty and Ed's 100 party (Ed turned 65 and they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary). It was a blast but unfortunately, most of the pictures I took were too dark so enjoy the boys and me in the pool :)

Nothing like a hot shower after playing in the pool to relax a crazy wild boy!

So, outside of hotel pool adventures (we also enjoyed the pool at the Four Seasons downtown when uncle Jim was in town for his birthday) we've done a lot of chillin' here in Chicago with lots of fun visits with friends and family. We were able to hang out with the Dwyers, Chris and Sarah, the ENTIRE Dalach family, the Girtons, Jordan and Somerlie (at the Shedd!), the Goolsbys, GC families, De and Jacoah, the Perricones, facetime with the Roundys, and random friends at the park!

Here's Tigue trying to recover in the laundry basket :)

Levi and Tigue have also been a lot of fun to watch grow as siblings. Levi is still learning how to be careful with Tigue and be gentle, but they make each other laugh all day long (most of the time) and it is hilarious to watch!

This next picture is worth a thousand words but I'll sum it up in this... Jenny was on the phone in the kitchen and when she got off Levi had pulled his Elmo chair in front of the TV, turned on the TV, ejected the DVD currently in the player, inserted the Elmo DVD he wanted, and hit play once it got to the menu... the world these kids are growing up in - CRAZY!!

Tigue is absolutely in LOVE with solid foods. On this particular day he tried some black beans... his diet is very organic at this stage but if I let him he would be all over those girl scout cookies, PB&J sandwiches, and pizza that we had this weekend. He actually yells at me if I don't feed him fast enough... I seem to remember another JonesPod child with the same approach.

For those of you that missed this precious picture on facebook, here it is. Tigue is teething really bad and we are not fans of the "munch" but after a two+ month separation we decided to let the little dude be reunited with his munch - it was like not a day had gone by :)

Levi is pretty much ALL BOY, but jewelry is definitely his equalizer! And necklaces are a must have accessory whenever possible.

So, there you have it - the month of February! Hopefully that tax refund comes this week and we can get ourselves a new camera. I love the iPhones for having instant access to taking pictures but they are still not at the level of the nicer point-and-shoots. Now we just need to add a step to our clothes washing process - check the pile of clothes for buried "Levi Treasures." Thanks for being patient all and sorry again for the unnecessary delay. March should be a more simplified month and let's be honest I'm only creating more work for myself if I don't post on a weekly basis. Take care all and we'll "see" you this time next week!

"The LORD is not slow in keeping HIS promise, as some understand slowness. Instead HE is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."
~ 2 Peter 3:9

Friday, February 10, 2012

A rough week....

So, not much can be said about this week but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop - especially those that are not on facebook. Not only was Levi dethroned this week from his high chair, but our camera with memory card went through the wash! The electronics are "soaking" in rice in an attempt to bring them back to life (especially the memory card) but our hopes are not high.

Hopefully we can piece together the events of this past week with some phone pictures... I'll keep you posted, but until a new camera somehow makes it into our budget - picture postings will be limited.


Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for sticking with us!

"I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to ME!" Matthew 25:40

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boom - My babies are big!

That's right - Tigue is crawling! Realistically it is more of an army crawl and frog jumping but he gets around like never before. He also has two front teeth (on the bottom) and loves to wave! So, my apologies for not keeping you updated the last two weeks but between business trips and a quick vacation to Colorado this past weekend, unfortunately blogging was not on my radar... :(

Levi, on the other hand, is a talking machine but still loves to regress to noises and roaring!

I'm not concerned that he likes his Mama's stuff,
but he looks way to familiar with that lip gloss...

Levi got to spend time with his friend Penny two weeks ago while I was in lovely Springfield (IL style) for a tax provision analysis (WAKE UP! Just making sure, I went kind of boring there). They had lots of fun but Levi was a little rough - I think Penny still likes him though :)

There's nothing cuter than these two loving on one another -precious!

"Tigue can you roar like your big brother?"


Nani, aunt Dru and Mimi also came to visit while I was gone. I was very grateful that family and friends kept my loves busy while I was gone and made them busy. Thanks all!

Just a big eating boy!

Just wanna be like Mama...
So, this past Friday, Jenny, Tigue, and I flew out to Colorado to see our wonderful friends Kelly and Chris Lillpop. They are starting to raise funds to go to Poland to be full time missionaries and we went down to support them and be there for the kickoff party!


Time to take flight - Tigue was pretty excited!

Mama and Tigue snuggling at 25,ooo feet :)

I am shocked at the lack of pictures we took in Colorado given how good of a time we had, but that is probably why... we were busy having fun!

One of the extra perks of visiting Chris and Kelly was that they only live 20 miles from Parker, CO... WHERE THE GLISSMEYERS LIVE! It's been 3 years, 9+ months, and some hours since we last saw them - or to put it another way, 2 Jones boys and 1 Glissmeyer boy later!

Here we are with the our long-distance good friends!
(It was great to see you guys and your beautiful kids - thanks!)

And a brunch with the Lillpop extended family, a trip to Parker, fun with Chris and Kelly, and a fundraising kickoff party - we were back on a flight home to Chicago!

So, the three of us were in Colorado with very little snow...
Levi on the other hand was living it up in Wisconsin with the other Jones'!

Levi got a chance to go sledding for the first time...
We're a little sad it wasn't with us but he looked like he had an awesome time!
Thanks fam!

"What exactly are you pushing, Dad?"

A trip down the hill with auntie DooDoo

G-Wo took Levi to a playland with auntie KyKy...

"Is that gangsta Bob the Builder?!"

"Nope - it's a musical protege!"

"And an explorer!"

Now that's the cutest union worker I've ever seen
(not sure that's saying much...)"Bunneeee"

Levi wasn't going any closer than this to that stuffed chicken...

And more coloring!

Thank you family for a great weekend for Levi. Thank you Lillpops and Glissmeyers for a great weekend in Colorado. Now we're back to our Chicago rythme and just enjoying the spring style weather (without the flowers). Have a great week everyone and hopefully I can get us back to weekly updates! See ya!

"All those the FATHER gives ME will come to ME, and whoever comes to ME I will never drive away." ~John 6:37