Tuesday, June 4, 2013

iPhone Recap 1 of ???

 That's right 7-months ago Tigue, we're back in fall 2012 and we're going to take a look back at our life over the last seven months via my iPhone! You all deserve better from me... so here we go!

I'm excited too!

And maybe a little nervous too...

Typical childhood behavior... lots of new toys and all they want to play with is the new freezer box! This was our pre-gaming before Black Friday with the Brogs! Always tons of fun :)

Back to Chicago and our nature preserve!

Prince Tigue!

Christmas Eve service without child care means...
Tigue and Daddy hang out with toys in the back.

This is how Levi roles on the subway :)

My littlest snuggler

Dance Party with Ms. Sarah!

The boys love to go "visit" toys at Target

Bye toys!

Wait! Last minute toys!

A typical morning with the dudes
(when we let Mama sleep in)

Fast Forward to St. Patty's at Daddy's office :)

The boys loved being up on the 59th floor. 
We also got the joy of hanging out with the Brogs again. 

Easter Joy Ride!

We got the opportunity to go the Children's Museum in Indy...
It was incredible - Tigue LOVED the current day Egypt exhibit.
 He was a little Egyptian home maker!
 He rearranged the little model home for almost 30 min. It was hilarious!

FYI - Levi is not a fan of shoe shopping...

Tigue started gymnastics this spring - He's a natural!

More Target toy visiting! This was on Mothers' Day to give Mama a break :)

Tigue loves the carriers!

Thanks for the wagon Goggy and Bompa!

Finally good weather!

Who's that on the scooter?!


Back at Daddy's office coloring on the walls!

The boys were able to conference call each other and see their faces on the phones. 
They loved it!

Levi's new office...
It fits him well.

Our hip city boy off to aunt Marty and Uncle Ed's

Bath Time!

Gotta love the park!

More visiting...

And we're back at gymnastics!

He IS a natural!
 A little nervous...

And... we're in June... with cute bath time hair!

And exhale... We've made it to June and as you can see we have had a lot of fun! GOD has been good to us and our little hams are a lot of work but they are completely worth it! Thanks for checking in and staying loyal to TheJonesPod! And lastly, a shout out to Chris G - congrats on surviving another medicare season!

"Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from HIM." ~ Psalm 127:3