Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome Home Levi!

Welcome home little guy! Today was "going home day" and Levi did very well. The nurses loved him so much and were sad to see him leave, but we were ready to go. Honestly, I've never driven so slow in my entire life, but he's my baby and "I'll do what I want" (a quote from his Uncle John's life motto).

Additionally, we wanted to make sure he was well protected, in ALL areas, including his precious little eyes. Unfortunately the psuedo-seriousness was lost in how hilarious he looked. Even our nurse had to call in all the other post-partum nurses, doctors, and med students. So, laugh if you must, but we're good parents and we had his best interests in mind (he looked hilarious). I'm not sure what else to say, but I know you all want to see pictures, so here he is some more:

Have a great day, all, and if anything hilarious or interesting comes up I'll post it. ~Casey

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day Two... More of Baby Jones.... I mean Levi!

Yes, we named him Levi; his official full name is Levi Isaac Allen Jones. And of course I'll break this all down for you. Levi means "To Bring Together," which is exactly what he's done for the Jones and Dwyer families. As important as Jenny and I feel WE were to this union, it's really the introduction of him that really did it. Isaac had to be part of his name too because when Jenny found out she was pregnant all she could do was laugh... we weren't even trying... actually we were trying NOT to get pregnant (that's as much detail as you need to know.) Secondly, we both laughed when we found out he was a boy; we were convinced he was a girl. Lastly, Allen had to be a middle name too because every first Jones boy for each generation has the middle name Allen.

Well, that covers the name. On another note, Levi is doing very well and so is mom (who survived labor WITHOUT the epidural; she's my rock star wife and mommy!). And for the cold hard facts, Levi is 6 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long. He loves to sleep, poop, and is just starting to enjoy eating. The nurse saw him eating tonight and said the other babies on the floor need to take lessons from him!

The last exciting note is he met a lot of new faces today, including: Nani (Nancy) and Papa Tiggie (John), Gigi (Wendy) and Grampa Mokey (Michael) - until we come up with something nicer... Sorry Dad, also, auntie KyKy (Kylie), auntie FunFun (Mykalannie), Goggy (Wendy's mom), Great Grandma Lucy (Michael's mom), Aunt Martha (Nancy's Sister) and Uncle Ed (Martha's Husband) and last but not least, Annie and Ge. Well, it's been a long fun day and it's time for the fam to try to get some sleep! See ya all! ~Casey

(Last note: He looks like I did when I was born, sorta...)

Monday, July 27, 2009

He's Here! (More Pictures tomorrow...)

Our little boy has arrived! If you want to know his name you'll have to meet him. But I can tell you he's a cute little alien cone head who is his happiest when he's asleep or eating... typical. When I'm more awake tomorrow I'll give you all more details. Have a good night!