Sunday, April 28, 2013

GOD's Skyline!

 Say hello to one of GOD's many skylines! Taking a week off from city life, Jenny, the boys, and I were able to head out to the smoky mountains in NC and enjoy some time with our amazing friends the Roundys - home on furlough! By the way the above photo is off their back porch... I know, right?!

Finally a little Cities and Knights competition! 
Don't worry we'll get to the boys...

Through the first two nights theJonesPod was 0-2 against team Roundy...

And my Jenny has a lot of catching up to do in the knitting department...
This is one of Jenny R's newest creations!

So, we got to spend the week hanging out in the mountains and relaxing, so a lot of pictures were not taken but we did get "caught up" on our hike to Clingmans Dome and a nearby bald (grassy plains on a mountain). If you can zoom in check out Tigue's face... classic!

 Had to get a close-up of Levi's peacock hairdo!

The dudes heading up to the dome...

We made the half mile 45 degree hike! Mama and Levi take a break and take in the scenery.

The view was incredible, I have to imagine our visibility was across a few states and multiple hundred miles in each direction. 

Super Cool!

Tigue was a little cold but had to get the shot!

Taking a lunch break before our next hike...
(yes we rented a minivan and it was amazing!)

Tigue was out in the first half mile of the hike to the bald...

Levi was a trooper and took in all the sights

Still sleeping...

Levi hiked about half of the 2 mile hike out to the bald on foot

Cutest hiker on the mountain that day!

Made it to the bald and guess who woke up just in time!

There's that pretty family again (and me)!

This is how you take in a bald...

Tigue being silly

Levi and Jonathan taking in the bald...

"I'm pretty sure I can outrun you if a bear shows up..."


Super Yum!

Heading back Levi walked almost the entire way!

Don't get mud on your boots!

Adventureman Levi

This pretty much captures most of the terrain we walked...

"Tigue hiking too!"

Made it!

Ok, so... four full days with the Roundys and though their kids were in school every day (other than the wee one), I am sad to admit this may be the only picture we took of them. It was a wonderful trip, a relatively relaxing time and a blessing to get this time with the Roundys. Thank you guys for having us!

In addition to our wonderful trip to NC, we also made a 36 hour pit stop in Indianapolis to enjoy some time with Jenny's dad's side of the family (Mimi, Aunt Jane, Aunt Barb, and Uncle Steve). We had a great time enjoying their company and even got to spend some time at the Indy Children's Museum. There will be pictures to follow, but for now take my word that it was incredible. Also, I was ecstatic to find out Levi was a baseball hitting natural! He got a bat and ball from Aunt Barb and Uncle Steve and he took to it like a fish to water! I uploaded a video to Facebook, but for some reason can't get the video to upload here :( I will try again later this week. Have a great week everyone; enjoy the remainder of April and may your month of May be sunny and bright!

"fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your GOD; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." ~ Isaiah 41:10

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lollipops, Poland, and Tumbling!

 What a two weeks we've had! Happy belated Easter! HE has risen; HE has risen indeed! I'm disappointed in myself more than anything but we Christians have to figure out a way to put more emphasis on the day that CHANGED EVERYTHING! Christmas is great and is a key event in the history of Christianity... but seriously - starting next year this family is finding a way to rejoice with genuine joy and appreciation!

Now that I'm down from my soap box and shamed myself... back to some of the exciting news of the past two weeks, starting with the send off of the Lillpops! Above is Chris, an amazing man of GOD and wonderful friend - he and his lovely wife Kelly spent their last night in the states with us and it was incredible to be with them, pray over them, and be there as they start this next stage in GOD's journey for them (link to their blog below). They are incredible people and it is an honor to be a part of their ministry in Poland!

And this amazing picture below is so you can see 78.3% of Kelly (on the left) - not sure what Jenny is doing on the right (or what Tigue has in his mouth)

This book below is AMAZING! Levi has almost the entire book memorized. It is so cute hearing him "read" and Tigue tries too :) Chris gave them a new twist on the book with his great energy and interactions with the boys!

 Now I'll have to post a separate entry for Easter. We only had our phones with us and most of it is video, so I'll have to pull picture from that. However, we had a wonderful weekend spent with family and the boys got loved on as usual. We spent Saturday with my grandparents (Goggy and Bompa), my aunt Jeni and uncle Frank, and my sister Sammi and her fiance Dylan. Sunday was spent with all of Jenny's mom's side of the family. Unfortunately, uncle John wasn't able to be in town but I ate an extra slice of pie for him :) For the record, Jenny was in charge of Easter lunch/dinner and not only was it amazing, but it was Greek theme - it was spanikopi-tastic!

Special event number 3... Tigue started gymnastics (tumbling)!


(Part of his floor routine)

(Yup, so fast!)


(No... I'm not doing that)

Tigue is surprisingly strong for his age
(I'm not biased at all)

Pulling his nose to the bar!

Leg kicks!
(This will be an Olympic event by 2020)

(This is a weird horse...)

Tigue is amazingly talented!

I think he could hang their all day...

Finishing the beam in style!

And nothing ends a day in the gym like stamps!

Showing off those stamps!

Nap time... or goofing around.



This makes it all worth it!

Another chapter in "Life in Leviland"

 Life is good in Leviland...

Thank you for stopping by for another chapter in TheJonesPod. We're about to wrap up busy season at work this coming week and I'm hoping to get some extra time with the pod. Make sure you all get your returns filed this week or send in those extensions! Hopefully we'll get the chance to visit with some of you that we haven't seen in a while and just get some much needed R&R. I wish you all a happy start to spring and GOD bless! Please be praying for the Lillpops as they start their mission in Poland and walking in GOD's plan!

 Additionally, please pray for our friends' son Cayden (age 2) as he has been diagnosed with a rare cell regeneration disease (LCH) and will have an especially tough next year as he gets chemo-therapy to fight the spread (similar to that used to fight cancer). Pray that they feel GOD's presence throughout this struggle and for GOD's miraculous healing!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11