Saturday, October 31, 2009

Now this is the life!

This week was all about productivity... but that didn't apply to Levi, he was all about maxing and relaxing with daddy home. That being said, Jenny and I (with the help of Jenny's mom) were able to paint all the apartment rooms we planned to paint, which included the living room, hallway, and two bedrooms. Our disclaimer is that we're not entirely done decorating, so the rooms still are a little bare, but at least you can see the paint colors we used. Also, we hid Levi in every picture to make sure he was still the centerpiece of the blog. Enjoy looking for him... and our "homier" apartment!

We were also happy to make a trip up to Wisconsin and celebrate Halloween with friends. And what better way to start off the weekend than to have Levi meet our friend Laura!

Have a great Halloween everyone and remember not to eat any unwrapped candy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween~!

Here's a little peek as to what we Joneses do when we get together with the Broglis... good times!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Levi is our BEARY special baby!

For the first time Jenny and I actually bought Levi clothes. Despite all the generosity from family and friends, we were able to find something he needed that no one had gotten him... a warm, fuzzy jacket. We also decided that a simple jacket would not do... he had to be extra cute, so we went with the teddy bear look.

Levi's new thing is watching TV. At first we kind of freaked out and tried to keep the TV off as much as possible, but then we realized that it is no different than him watching a fan or candle flicker, with music on. So for now, when we're watching it, we are fine with his blank gaze...

And for those of you that think Levi is all fun and games, I took this picture for you... who am I kidding he is all fun and games! But still.

This past week was all about making our apartment a home. From Jenny's perspective it meant adding color and accent pieces, to me it meant spending more money. But as usual she was completely right. It's amazing the difference a few pictures, floor lamps, and paint can make. (We'll post some before and after pictures after this weekend, but all you want to see is Levi, so we'll keep him as the focus.)

Unfortunately, we had to keep the windows open to get the paint fumes out and keep them away from Levi. So, we had to bundle him up a little more than usual.

Thanks again for checking out the blog and FYI, I very much prefer blogging at the end of the week, when I'm not all bitter about my fantasy football players from the weekend before. So, expect end of the week posts going forward. Well, have a good weekend everyone and go Packers!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Levi is pure awesomeness!

No, Levi's foot is not up by his head, Jenny puts socks on his hands to keep them warm... no comment. Well, state tax busy season is over and now I can concentrate on what's most important in life, my family... I mean blogging... However, Levi has been extremely tired this past week, so honestly not much to report. Sorry for the delay, too, but considering only a few of you take the time to comment (you know who you awesome people are) on our blog posts I'm not going to beat myself up too much...

One great thing Levi was able to do this week was take a trip out to Romeoville, IL and meet his new best friend, 2-week old John Michael Perricone (first BBF was his mom). Just like my mom did with me and my friend Shawn, Jenny and her friend Brittany are forcing a friendship between their sons that are a couple months apart (I'm not going to say anything though because I loved growing up with Shawn and it's probably a very health socializing tool).

Also, Levi has decided to skip a few steps of physical development and wants to go straight to walking... yay... luckily he's not nearly strong enough without our help for balance and getting him up on his legs.

So, the other nice thing about waiting until today to blog is that you get to see one of Levi's firsts, which happened this morning. Jenny brought him into our bedroom in a little sweat suit and he looked like Rocky, not 2008 Rocky, but the early 80s version. So, a few verses of The Eye of the Tiger and a few quick punches and Levi started... laughing! It was absolutely amazing. Baby laughter is awesome!

Well have a great weekend everyone and now that I'm out of my busy season officially I'll make sure to make these posts more consistent; but you better post how awesome our son is or I might just lose heart and stop posting ;) j/k, sort of. Good Night!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gotta love motherly over-protection!

Yes, it is cold in Chicago, and Levi probably did need to be covered up this much, but I shutter to think how much my poor son is going to be that over-protected kid that has to wear a helmet to play tetherball.

Here you'll again see that Jenny loves to put blankets around him and even cover his hands with socks to keep them warm. As odd as this may seem, especially indoors, unfortunately, Levi does have Jenny's no-circulation blood flow and his hands always feel cold.

He's been a big time snuggler, too. Nothing like the hum of a car engine or the warmth of a mother's arms.

Outside of the snuggles and warmth, this was a pretty special week for another reason! It was Jenny's birthday week and nothing says I love you like fruit in a pot! Jenny's parents and brother Drew came down to celebrate the weekend of fun too, but I think Levi stole all of their attention, as usual...

Levi was especially excited this week to watch Favre get beat by the Packers on Monday night! Unfortunately, Favre was spotless, like so many other Monday nights before and tore apart his "opponent's" defense for 271 yards and three TDs; this game was not nearly as close as the score implied. The funniest part was probably when I came out in my A.J. Hawk jersey and Jenny called me out and said, "Who are you fooling, Chris isn't even here, go put on your Favre Viking jersey..." After I wouldn't budge, she said, "Fine I'll go wear the jersey of the team that will win tonight," and she did. (HA! Told him so ;) ~Jenny)

All in all, a pretty calm and relaxing week with very little workload or stress. And Levi looks pretty hilarious when his little skull cap is just hanging at the back of his head, he looks like a garden gnome! :)