Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Many Faces of Levi

Welcome to a week of goofiness and sound effects. I feel like my baby is already gone and now I'm quickly being introduced to Levi... the Toddler Terror... but still very cute. Here's some moments when he's not yelling and growling.

Jenny is enjoying Levi, the Self-Entertainer.

Levi, looking cute between growls

So, this weekend was another fun filled adventure with friends. Chris and Sarah made the trip down and I must say they are definitely, "the best visitors ever!" Levi showed his thanks with some hoody pull string chewing and face time with Chris.

"And I thought Daddy's head was big..."

Mommy Time!

Levi, the Chewer

"Daddy, are you going to cry cause Favre lost?"

Levi, Harley Fan!
("Thanks Great Uncle Frank and Aunt Jeni")

Levi, Girly Eye Boy

Levi, Doll Face
(Thanks to sleeping on his left check)

Daddy Time!

"Who's that baby?"

So, I started by saying that Levi has become a little terror. It's not really true, but he does make some great noises. Luckily, he made most of them in one sitting this week... and the cameras were rolling!

Have a great week everyone and congrats to Steve and Carli on moving into their first home this coming weekend!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', What!

Pretty busy week here on the Jones' front. We were all over Indiana visiting a whole mess of Jenny's relatives, including Mimi, Uncle Tom, Cousin Liz, Aunt Barb and Uncle Steve, John, Aunt Marty and Uncle Ed, and Aunt Leslie and Uncle Dave. Our stops included Indianapolis, West Lafayette, and Crown Point. It was great to see everyone, but we are GLAD TO BE HOME!
I had a few mildly inappropriate captions for the picture above but I'll leave you to your own imagination and just say that it took Jenny NUMEROUS tries to get him to keep holding his feet to take this picture ("pull my finger..." I couldn't help myself).

Just makin' a pit stop

"Where's the power button?"

"Look, I can pull myself up!"

"What is this thing for?"


"Ahh, just luxuriating..."

"Do I have something on my face?"
(First rice cereal meal)


Levi has also mastered the art of rolling this week, which makes playing with his toys all the more fun!

Headin' for new terrain

"Just playin', Mom!"

Drooling at Mimi's, in Indianapolis

"Oh a camera, I better smile"

Four Generations, minus a grand-dad (Papa Tiggy)

Here's to another week of new adventures with Levi,
but hopefully not too soon on the crawling...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing Chicago Tourist...Stay Warm!

It's a little bit cold in Chicago this time of year... so, Levi has to wear a couple extra layers when he goes outside.

Yes, on a regular basis this is how our son sleeps, basically twisted like a mounted fish.

Just enjoying time with Mommy in a new Christmas outfit

His eyes are so girly!

Trying to rock him to sleep, super sonic style!

"You better not be starting Ryan Grant this week, Dad!"

Oh no, Levi found his built-in toy... Thanks to photoshop I was able to censor it and share this special moment with all of you.

Sleeping position II, the faceplant (not recommended).
No matter how many times we move him,
our little wiggle worm finds his way to the nearest bumper.
I guess there's just no fightin' it.

Cranky pants helping Mom in the kitchen with some Snickerdoodles
Today we went to the Museum of Science and Industry on Chicago's South side. It was a really good time, we highly recommend it. Of course, Levi was most fond of the exhibits' visual aids... aka TV screens.
"Yay, Allied forces!"
This was the U-505, a U-boat that the Allied forces captured during WWII and later transported to Chicago, via the Great Lakes; it was absolutely incredible.

From one baby to another

"Is it hot in here, or is it just me?"
(Thermal Imaging Center )

(Motion activated cameras, picture doesn't do it justice)

Levi's first time in a plane, ex-vivo
(Jet turbines are insane!)

"Go Wright Brother!"

Don't drop the baby over the balcony!

"Is that THE Casey Jones and Fireman Levi!"

What a day! He even pulled the hat down over his eyes himself.
Thanks for checking out our first 2010 week home in Chicago! Don't forget to check out the bonus post of pictures from Christmas with my side of the family thanks to my sisters' and mom's cameras. Have a great weekend everyone and don't let the Packers' loss mess up your week too much (that onside kick was amazing, though).