Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clicker to Win!

What a crazy week! Another multi-visit back-and-forth in Chicago, gambling, Favre-mania, and well, the cutest baby ever! (I might be a little bias...)

First off, this past Saturday we went to Arlington Heights Racing Park for our friend Lindsey's birthday. Jenny, Levi, and I were all horse racing virgins, and I was a little pessimistic, but what a blast! Now, I know that betting on the races added a ton to the fun, but still being able to watch 11 horse races for $12 was a steal for a great afternoon. Additionally, Levi turned out to be a lucky charm. The most exciting race was the fifth race, in which I really liked horse 8, Clicker. He was expected to take 3rd I believe, but I just had a feeling. So I went to place my "huge" $2 bet and accidentally bet for Clicker to win, twice... let's just say Jenny wasn't too happy, dang my honesty and Jenny's squeamish tendencies towards gambling. Well, over the next 90 seconds that race was the most exciting thing I've experienced in a LOOONG time... behind Levi's birth, of course. Well, Clicker pulled off a full body length lead in the final 100 yards and left everyone in the dust. I've never been so excited about winning $15, pre-tax, in my entire life! And what happened next was the best part; once Jenny calmed down from the excitement and told me I wasn't as dumb as she thought, she asked for the winning tickets to hand in herself, ha!

When it was all said and done we had quadrupled our original betting total... the sad part is we weren't very risky, we only started with $6, but I'll take it!

And if that wasn't exciting enough we also spent some wonderful time with Carli and Steve and got to watch the Packer and Viking games at a close by sports bar. It is like a glorified BW3's and was very Levi friendly. Actually, it's one of my new favorite places to watch the game! And between Favre's last minute heroics and our waiter having Driver on his fantasy team, it was a hilarious and exciting afternoon.

So, after a long, fun weekend of sports and amazing Brogli food (thanks guys), we're ready for a slow week of movie watching and Levi feeding.

And now it's time to say goodbye...

But don't be sad!

There's another post just around the corner :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Hope My Baby Dances Like Beyonce

Casey and I found this video on YouTube; as it's got 1.2 million hits, so chances are you've already seen it... If not, enjoy its complete hilarity!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Levi finds out he's not the only baby in the world!

This past weekend Levi met his second cousin, William, who is two weeks older than him. There were happy moments and sad moments, but for those of us non-babies, it was all hilarious and cute. They were even wearing similar colors :)

William got hungry and started crying; Levi was very confused...

Poooor Baaaaaby!!!!!

Additionally, Levi got to "meet" lots of other family members on my dad's side and had quite a potty filled weekend, which numerous family members can attest to!

Prayerful hands :)

Jenny and I are very excited about how much Levi is developing, especially over the past couple weeks, but we're also trying to enjoy the occasional quiet moments and lack of movement while it lasts...

Our Packer fan, of course.

In case you didn't notice, there is a baby swap here....

Paaw of CAAW

Tickling Daddy!

Jenny has been asking me to use the sling for weeks, and I have refused every time. Unfortunately, she is persistent and I gave in... Levi enjoyed it though, check out his hand.

Have a good week everyone, and "thanks for stopping by, San Diego; stay classy!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Season is OVER!!!!

September 15th marks a huge day in the world of tax accounting, the extension deadline for federal filing for businesses. And now it is behind us, and I can go back to the important things in my life... parenting and being a good husband. And part of that is keeping you all informed on the "joy" of our life, Levi. (Thank you Aunt Jeni and Uncle Frank for the Elephant towel!)

On a quick side note I did have a weird Monday this week, and it wasn't the fact that I worked 16 hours, it was the birds... When I came up to my train stop, I was greeted by a very "friendly" pigeon. It walked in and out among the other commuters and then oddly enough hopped on the train. I debated chasing it off the train, but I was waiting for another line and no one was getting in that train car, so I thought it would be a hilarious greeting for someone later down the line. Later that same morning, when I got downtown I saw two very elderly ladies eating breakfast at a pretty nice outdoor restaurant. As I got closer I started hearing their conversation... a debate on the type of bird they had seen... oh wait, not seen, but that was dead on the table and they were handing it back and forth, while EATING!!! Now I know it's old people that spread weird diseases, like the bird and swine flu!

Back to little Levi. This week was pretty uneventful as I worked constantly and Jenny took care of Levi. But this past weekend Jenny went back up to Wisconsin for another wedding, and Levi stole the show!

He also spent time with Jenny's parents and brother Drew, as well as, a quick visit with my family on Sunday! Here he is practicing his vowels, supposedly...

Have a great week everyone, and hopefully we'll get to see a lot of you soon! We'll end with a another video; this one will give you an idea of how restless this little boy usually is!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A typical week with the Jones Pod

Welcome back to the weekly update of the Jones Pod. This week was full of crazy activities and events. Interesting how these things seem to happen to us all the time, but that's what makes life interesting, right?

The start of the week was pretty normal. Me working, Jenny taking care of Levi, and trying on lots of new outfits...

Levi had his one month check up last week as well. It went very well, and the doctor even mentioned that Levi was very active, alert and behaved older than his age. I think this video sums it up:

Additionally, Jenny and I built Levi's crib (finally), which was an interesting task, while Levi slept. Honestly, it went very smoothly, especially considering how Jenny and I are both type-A personalities.

That was the simple part of the week. As we got into Friday things started getting crazy. Not only did Jenny and I rack up a quarter of thousand dollar in IL street violations (not speeding), but we also managed to get ourselves parked in by our local dish network guy. When we first pulled out to the end of the driveway to find the van parked in our way, I figured the nice thing to do would be to call the company. Long story short, I will NEVER be a customer of Dish Network! By the time the cop showed up to ticket the van and get it towed I was pretty iritated, as was the cop for this waste of time violation... and I quote (from his conversation on the phone with Dish Network), "I'm not sticking around here long, no need to call me back, I'm going to ticket this van and go back to serving the public." There may have been some profanity in there too... in the end the driver showed up soon after and it was this young kid, probably in his early 20s. I felt so bad, he was so apologetic and this was probably his first day, and so on and so on. I think he got off with a warning and Jenny and I, missed church, but made it to Indiana to spend time with Jenny's relatives none the less.

Another great story from this week was our rocking chair that finally came. We purchased this thing back in July, about a week before Levi was born. We paid upfront and said we'd come pick it up with a truck next week (we bought it then knowing they only had one in stock). So, when I called later that week to say we were on our way they said they had no chairs in stock and no record of our delayed pick up. Let's just say, Jenny described the conversation as the meanest she's ever seen/heard me. We got free delivery out of the deal (7-14 days), but that wasn't the end of it. Two weeks later when I called to see where the chair was, I again was told there was no record.... after another heated conversation, I managed to find out that the lady who helped me two weeks ago was on a "long-term vacation" and must have blown me off... Sadly to say I didn't feel the need to take it out on this new lady, but I got her name and an order number out of the conversation. So, two more weeks go by and I still haven't heard anything. So, I call and they have the order but it won't be in until the following week... fine, I'll wait, we're moving this week any ways. That week the moving company calls me and says they will "be in my area on Wednesday," this was two weeks ago. I tell them that no one will be home, Jenny and Levi are in Michigan, so, again the delivery is delayed. So, this past week the shipping company calls me and sets up a delivery for this past Friday. All is going well and we're going to get the chair, right... Thursday comes and the store calls me and harshly demands that I come pick up my chair that has been sitting at the store for two weeks... I calmy gain my composure and EXPLAIN that they will be delivering the chair tomorrow. She checked her sheet again and sees that I'm right and apologizes. So, Friday comes and Jenny is waiting for the chair. The delivery company calls me and says no one is home... I tell them Jenny is upstairs I'll have her come down... Jenny sees no one... I think... THEY ARE AT THE OLD ADDRESS!!!! After a few quick calls I direct the truck to our current address and the chair is delivered! YAY...Long story short, NEVER EVER EVER order anything so much as a burp cloth from Babies R' Us!

So, that has been our week in a nut shell. I'm coming up on my work deadline for federal and state filings, so I'm working almost every day. Yesterday was and will be my only day off in a four week span, good times. But I'm taking time off after the 15th and I'll be able to relax. Until next week, have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy the pics! ~Casey