Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're BACK!

 The shame... Tigue can't even look at me. Over a month... sad. 
But it's over people! TheJonesPod is restored!
The second half of August and first half of September were brutal. I believe I charged over 350 hours during those four weeks and rarely wasn't staring at my laptop. However, I will say that this busy season was a little different... I was able to put some events before work. Weddings, fantasy drafts, and time with family were still possible. Now it's just a blur and we're into fall and back to focusing on Jenny and the boys... AND training for the marathon (see the link below for more details on the organization I'm running with)!

Levi is so excited! But not because Daddy is home, but for his new chair for his birthday! 
Thanks Aunt Jeni, Uncle Frank, Goggy, and Bompa!
 Tigue likes it too!
 Levi's "new" passion... CARS!
 What do you do when your husband works 20 hours a day...
Chill at the park and take cute pictures of your babies!
 The most amazing part about this picture...
Tigue is keeping the hat on!
 These little hams rarely sit still long enough for a photo like this...
Thank you Tow Mater for making it happen!
 Levi had his three year check-up... samurai style!
 Just missing Daddy...

 Boom! Tigue broke his leg! 
For those of you not on facebook Tigue fractured his leg going down a slide with Jenny. 
It is super minor and the cast will be off in another week.
He's my little Scooter!
 He's already back to walking and can get on and off his sweet ride!
 But sometimes he still has to take a break...
 It's tough being Tigue :)
 Did I mention that Levi loves his cars!?
 Just catching up on our soaps...
Or Pixar movie trailers.

 "Get out of my office!"

He's getting too big!

We're back people! TheJonesPod blog is back in business and we're going to keep you updated much more often so get use to it! Thanks for your patience, your prayers, and for the love you all show us! Have a great rest of the week everyone and please check out my link below! World Vision is an amazing organization and is really showing GOD's love to those in dire need.

"And the King will say, 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'" ~ Matthew 25:40