Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who's Who?

Welcome to another week of Chicago living... without a car! It's now been about a month since we got rid of our car and rely solely on public transportation and walking. We're having Tigue step it up in the movement department so that he can contribute :)

And it wouldn't be a naked day if Levi wasn't also in his diaper!

(Contemplating the meaning of life)

The meaning of life is to enjoy it!
Bath Time Style!

For the first time in TOO LONG I participated in some high quality adult athletic competition... KPMG sponsored flag football tournament! Levi, Tigue and Jenny came by to cheer me on and Levi thought he was just the spark we were missing in the first game.

Here's Levi overlooking the football field...
Nice capture my love!

I'm the guy in the green hat on the left. This was our third game (playing for third place) and we're running our option reverse aka NIGHT HAWK (after we lost our first game we decided to practice and came up with five plays that all were named after birds).

We followed up the tournament with a visit to a new park we saw the day before. It had all kinds of new equipment including this classy train!

"All aboard the Levi Express!"

Tigue is just starting to get big enough to be in the swing and actually swing... I think Levi was almost a year old before we ventured on such an activity!


Just a light popcorn snack before bed...

Being silly with the Mama

This was this past Wednesday morning. I stayed home in the morning to help give Jenny some R&R and morning backup... Levi was upset I had to go and put on his boots to follow me to work.

Welcome back Jumperoo!

Of course Levi needed to reminisce a little.

Our little pretty boy!

And cool dude of course!

And silly!

Tigue is silly too :)

And boy does he love his munches!
Oh wait... this is an old picture of Levi.
Are these two brothers or what?!
Take a look at the next several pictures
and see if you can tell which five month old is Tigue or Levi...
Good luck!

More munching...
Eating a spoon...

Enjoying the Jumperoo...
in December 2009 or October 2011?

Just warm and happy!

And Cute!

Well if you guessed that it went back and forth between the two starting with Levi and the handful of munches then Tigue in the carseat and back and forth, well then you were right! More and more Tigue is beginning to resemble his big brother. Here we thought Tigue had his own little unique look and it's starting to seem that the Jenny and Casey baby boy combo has created quite the pattern! Thanks again for stopping by and I think I'll have to make the comparison a bi-monthly activity - it's fun to see how similar and different the two are and have it well document! Have a great week all and we'll see you next week... in NOVEMBER 2011 - CRAZY!?

"Whoever claims to live in HIM must live as JESUS did." ~1 John 2:6

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy Season is OVER!

Welcome to the land of the crazy Jones boys. This little guy might look innocent but he's capable of bringing down even the most sane household with his BIG screams. The nice thing is it's pretty obvious what has him upset - hunger, sleepiness, or potty!

We're working on straightening out Tigue's neck. As you may have noticed he leans to the left constantly. Lots of tummy time and stretches - which he also hates :(

"It's tough bein' me..."
Just watching the Packers pound on the Rams with my Daddy
(at least for the first half)

Packers Win!

"Oh nice!"
(We got in such a habit of praising Levi for being gentle with Tigue that now whenever he kisses him he says "oh nice")

We're a pretty open family -
Levi has a pretty good idea of what this does...
"You're not going to get anything out of that belly button dude"

One of Levi's costume possibilities is Franklin -
The loving little turtle...

With a shell and all!

Pretty cute but I'm pretty sure this will be used for the costume party he has next week and he'll use his other costume for "trick or treating"

No explanation - he's never seen the movie but he always pulls out "The Replacements" and just looks at it... weird.

Levi LOVES to help me around the house - my only fear is I'm not very talented around the house so I may do more harm than good - to our home and him!

Pretty basic week here in Chicago. We had a nice relaxing weekend to ourselves and simply enjoyed hanging out for a whole weekend for a change. Happy belated birthday to Mr. Ed and happy birthday TODAY to little Mr. Wade. Crazy to think that it was a year ago today we found out we were pregnant with Tigue! Have a great rest of the week everyone and... Chris your fantasy team is going down this weekend even after you renamed your team in honor of my youngest son... low, but funny!

Ephesians 2:8-9
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running Around Chicago!

Welcome to another crazy week at TheJonesPod. Tigue is getting so big and is almost as smiley as Levi was at his age. We've been extremely blessed with relatively easy babies and cute ones too!

Levi is now on to the second obstacle course in gymnastics. I have no clue what he's doing here but I'm going to class tomorrow so I'll have a better sense of this "activity" tomorrow. Whatever the intended plan I can only assume Levi has found some way to jazz it up :)
This is Munchy-Moo with his new girlfriend. They are nearly inseparable. I believe her "factory" given name is Sophie. I've seen her with a lot of kids Tigue's age... she gets around (too inappropriate?... too late and funny).
This is a typical morning of finding Levi in bed - the scary thing is Jenny is the same way and has turned me into a "defensive" sleeper.

"Why so serious?"

This is Levi in a nut shell... he NEEDS attention. This is a dedication for our friends' son and Levi has left the play room which has swords and light sabers and has decided to join the adults and put on a show. I had to remove him after he started to attempt a somersault off the ottoman.

Nothing gets Levi going more than having the power over someone to make them do something silly. Here Jenny's aunt Marty, who was in town to celebrate Jenny's birthday (with Uncle Ed too), is dancing whenever Levi opens the card that plays music... hilarious!

We also went to the Chicago marathon to cheer on our friends that were in the race. Sadly this is the only picture I took. You can just see the race at the top of the picture. There was a VW promo site setup in Wrigleyville and we stopped to enjoy some FREE waffles and bagels!

There were droves of street sweepers after the race cleaning up the streets - it was pretty cool!

And the matching outfits begin! Thanks Nani!

"So, whatcha in for?"

Welcome Fall! Easily my favorite season... football, crisp cool air, apple cider, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and LEAVES!

This is going to be fun!

Tigue found his feet this week so he got some yoga in to start the day off right.

Then some more munching!
(He's definitely teething)

Once again, thanks for stopping by to see how things are going. Work has slowed down and will pretty much hit rock bottom on Monday with our last big deadline of the tax year. Thanks for your patience with my sporadic postings. Have a great rest of the week all and go Brewers!

"All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children." ~Isaiah 54:13