Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Higgins Lake

It's unbelieveable the difference one year makes! We were blessed this past weekend with the chance to go up to Jenny's Aunt Dru and Uncle Robert's lake house in Roscommon, MI again this year. Luckily, I was able to make the trip this time around! I can hardly believe that Levi was as small and pimply as he was in the picture below. It's amazing how fast they grow!

As usual, Levi loved the opportunity to spend some extended time with Papa Tiggy... wait that's the other way around (though I know Levi loved it too) ;)
"Come on Max Bean, I'll race you up the stairs!"

Hangin' out at the white sandy beach with 3 foot water levels out over 2oo yards! This is easily the most amazing lake I've been on!

"Can I drive next?"

"I can see the bottom!"

"At last, my turn to drive, with Aunt Dru's help of course"
Actually, the battery died and Robert, John, and myself are pushing the boat back home... another great reason to have 3-4 foot water levels out 200 yards!

Back at the lake house Jenny and Levi posed for some close-ups

"Scrunchy face!"

Great picture of Jenny and Levi... too bad me and two-chin are in it.

Levi turned on the Hall of Fame game; we had a long debate over the Bengals addition on T.O.

Nothin' says relaxation like Uncle Drew popcorn!


One last sunset before we head home in the morning...

Back home Levi tried on his new winter suit (courtesy of Aunt Jane)...
just a little big :)


Mr. Curious and the baby powder had another lovely encounter yesterday :)

Poor Teeny Love

Well, sorry again for the late post, but as I get into the stride of my late busy season my schedule is very unpredictable. Also, before I forget again... now that I've given them enough time to tell everyone they want in person, CONGRATS TO CHRIS AND SARAH ON THEIR ENGAGEMENT!!!

So, until next week, sometime.... have a good one and God bless!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." ~ Philippians 4:6


Ashley said...

I had a whole paragraph written out but it deleted it.. Grr!! I will try and remember...

I love the comparison pictures- it's crazy how quickly time goes! Just wait, soon enough he'll be in KINDERGARTEN (sniff). It looks like you had a fabulous time. Gorgeous sunset! What is up with Levi's hair in the picture with the dog? You guys have such a beautiful family! And thanks for the scripture at the end!

Ashley said...

Dang, I forgot to write good luck with busy season! It seems like it just ended. Hope you all make it through okay!!

Ashley said...

Oh man, another comment from me on this post. Anyway, I was thinking about this scripture and remembered that you had written this reference on the back of our Christmas card envelope, but when I looked it up in the version I use (KJ) it made no sense. Ha! Kind of funny. And thanks again :0)