Sunday, March 28, 2010


Another long week playing tax accountant in Chicago, but when Jenny emailed me these pics of Levi "taking a nap," let's just say the frustration of evaluating the new ObamaCare Bill policies were no longer having their effect. Levi is on the move; he's crawling with a purpose and finding anything to climb. His favorite move is still lifting himself up in his crib and gnawing on it (you should see the inside of that front panel.

Can't be mad at that little face!


This week went by fast with long work days and quick nights with Levi and Jenny. But luckily it slowed down this weekend for me to take in the joy of having Macs Washcovick come to visit! Talk about an easy kid to entertain and hang out with. Video games, pizza, The Office, James Bond movies, and oh yeah, a Lamborghini dealership were all it took to keep a smile on that boy's face (and ours). He was an absolute joy to have (thanks Macs, we had an awesome time!)

Macs was in car heaven when we introduced him to our little luxury dealership downtown...

Levi was enjoying this fire red Lamborghini Murcielago (with his eyes, not his hands or mouth, me either)

We also had to make a stop by Sears Tower, I mean, Willis Tower... lame (it will always be the Sears Tower in my mind).

Levi was catching a quick nap before church this morning. He fell asleep on the futon and covered his eyes after I took his picture the first time, which prompted this one.

We put the monitor next to him so we'd know when he woke up, apposed to waiting to hear him crying from falling off. We're happy to report we made this call with out having to learn from experience!

It was also nice to spend some time with Sammi tonight, as she is in town for a stylist convention. Levi loves his Auntie Sammi (this face he is making is hilarious)!

That's more like it!

We'll leave you with the first time Jenny found Levi pulling himself up in his crib. It was a historic moment; though if you were to ask Macs he would let you know that techincally every moment is a historic moment... however, we won't let him ruin our proud parent moment ;)

Have a great week everyone and Happy Easter week for all those that we will not see this coming weekend!

And by the way, Macs, you're welcome back any time, and FYI I saw a 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo and Bentley Continental GT on our way home from seeing Sammi ("it was stupid!")!

Monday, March 22, 2010

E. Coli is to rectal swab as JonesPod visitors are to...

NUMEROUS!! Now there's an SAT analogy if I've ever heard one!
Welcome to another delayed Levi update (only up until 4am last night; however, you should NOT be sad for me, I choose to work late instead of miss time with my family). That said, look at that cute little baby! That's his new laughing face. He squints and kind of pushes his chin forward making his teeth extra exposed and cute. This week was pretty busy. Levi's girlfriend, Laura stayed over Wednesday night (don't worry, we made them sleep in different rooms); the Roundys stayed over on Thursday,
and Jenny's Dad on Friday.

Cool baby in his stunner shades.

Levi riding a giraffe at Borders...ok.

ROUNDY TIME!!!!!!!!!!
Settlers per our usual JonesPod/Roundy Tribe hangouts.
How fun are we.

Here are all those adorable, snuggly Roundy children
having story time in our bed. They slept here for a short time
while we "growed-ups" hung out in the family room.

This next picture is awesomely cute,
but even better with the comparison to his trip home from the hospital...


Levi lovin' on his Papa Tiggy, in a Tigger towel; priceless.

Here's Levi, the Mr. Hyde version... Jenny sees him more than I do :)

Levi is watching TV through the playpen.

Or just chewing on it.

The week ended with a visit to Romeoville for a friend's baby shower. Lots of babies were in attendance, too! Both Levi and his bestest buddy baby John were wearing sweater vests...priceless. But at this point, Levi had already managed to grind numerous bits of Cheerios into the cable knitting
(yes, our baby's outfit was cable knit!).
So he's not wearing his. But look how cute John is!!

Well that's all, folks! And speaking of swabs I'd say good luck staying healthy at the end of this cold and flu season, but with our new fascist health care plan on the horizon I don't think you'll need it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Business Time

"I'll mess you up!"

"Here's what I think of that!"

"I'm the champ, don't even think about it!"

Sorry for making you sweat it out for an extra 24 hours again... but tax season is a tricky beast. As fun as working until 4:30am is, I can honestly say I would have rather set up this blog post instead.

Levi is getting so big! I feel like every other morning his face is changing or he's 3 inches taller. He's talking a ton, inching his way around the house, and growling and spitting on/at everything. And oh yeah, he LOVES Cheerios!

And he has two very cute teeth!

He's very intense, also.

Jenny was excited that her dress straps matched Levi's Tigger towel.

Normally, I'd be jealous if Jenny was spending this much time with another guy, but look at that face! It's about time I admit I've been replaced as Jenny's number one man...

Levi between crawls.

Levi's thinking of writing the next posting; I'm not so sure his pounding will get him very far. I think he should stick to practicing crawling...

Have a good week everyone and welcome to the "outside" world Tate Glissmeyer! Congrats David and Ashley! (That's right, Ashley, mentioned on our blog two weeks in a row)

Go Bucks!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Seven Years... and Our Boo Boo Baby!

I don't even have an answer or explanation for this picture. Levi went down for a nap with his arms in his sleeves and when Jenny went in to check on him this was the result... I can only assume it has something to do with not wearing a onesie.

Any ways, on to the week of activities at the Jones'... This week Jenny and I celebrated our seven year anniversary of being together as a couple. On a cold Friday night, after an awkward Chinese dinner (thanks Chris), getting lost, a missed playoff game, and hanging with friends, I presented Jenny with a very serious and specific proposal... "I think we should hang out more often." What romance, what eloquent word usage!? What girl wouldn't be swept off her feet!? Jenny was so in love that it took her until 5th period Monday afternoon, when our friend Chris congratulated her on being my girl friend, that she realized that was me asking her out the previous Friday... and the rest is history! Seven years, two colleges, five degrees, a bunch of Class III HD-ZIP genes, a marriage, three state moves, and a Boo Boo Baby later, we're still happily together laughing with and at each other every chance we get!

That's the end of my flashback, here's Levi!

Levi is on the verge of never being able to be left alone again... He hasn't taken more than three or four crawls before falling, but between that, rolling over, and pulling himself on blankets, he gets where and what he wants!

Here I am trying to help him with his form.

Jenny left Levi on that blanket to the left while she went and washed her hands, less than fifteen feet away. In the mean time Levi managed to crawl and roll under the futon. I guess he wanted to see what was in the blue bag.

He also likes to make his way over to our makeshift box of toys and pull it over and play with each toy in about a 10 second rotation.

As part of the celebration of our seven years together I surprised Jenny with a night downtown. We left Levi with our friends Paul and Kindra (thanks again guys!) and spent Friday night at the W Hotel on Lakeshore and enjoyed a fine fondue dinner at Geja's Cafe in Lincoln Park. It was a great time, but boy did we miss that little boy! Here's Jenny the next day hanging with our little man.

This is what we get to look forward to when Levi is done taking a nap or getting up in the morning. He hears his door open and loves to smile at us through the crib bars just begging us to try to resist picking him up... it's impossible.

We'll leave you with a video of Levi working on those crawling skills from earlier this past week. Have a great week everyone and we'll keep praying for you Ashley as we expect there to be a new arrival any day now!