Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Baby is Drunk off the Nuk!

Let the spoiling begin! Yes, our extended family has done a wonderful job of making Levi feel loved and spoiled him along the way, but Jenny and I have tried to balance the inflow of goodies. Well, I guess Jenny is taking a break and letting Levi enjoy two nuks at once!

This past week Jenny and Levi once again took a trip to good old Romeoville for a visit with the Perricones. Gracie and company were excited for the visitors.

I guess Gracie is at the age were everything is about comparing... very cute!

I like to think the conversation here is going something like this, "Hey John Michael, can I see if your nukie tastes the same as mine? Then I'll give it right back."

Levi: "Oh no! They must be on to me..."

"Who me?" (Levi tries to make a break for it!)

Officer Gracie with the stop! (For the record I do not think Levi is going to be a sly fox, but it would be pretty hilarious if I was right...)

Back at home, Levi and Jenny are enjoying some quality time in the reading area. Levi is reading, the Grapes of Wrath, the illustrated version, just like his Papa Tiggy (Jenny's Dad). Jenny would also like to state the following disclaimer: no, I have not gained 50 pounds, this sweatshirt is ridiculously large and smushed weirdly against the chair...I swear!

Tummy time with Dad

Discovering how delicious his feet taste

Chillin' gnome-style!

This past weekend was extra nice with a psuedo-surprise visit from Auntie Sammi.

Hanging with the mama :)

He sure loves his Auntie Sammi!

Storytime with Dad before bed. Wow, what an awesome haircut; some extremely talented yet underappreciated hair-stylist must have done it!

That's all folks! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those that we will not see over the holiday season. God bless!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh No, There's a Baby in the Laundry

Welcome to another week at the Jones household! This week was packed with hosting... and lots of clean-up. We had the landlord stop by to take pictures on Monday (because he liked the "upgrades" we made and wanted to send pictures back to his family in Romania), Bible study at our place on Tuesday, and then the best visitors, Carli and Steve Brogli over the weekend. In order to prepare for Brogs we had to wash the bed sheets, Levi helped...
and added his own little "chewy" touch.

Carli and Jenny being... Carli and Jenny.

Jenny was messing with the camera settings (also Steve and I are playing Madden 10 here, which ours wives HATE, actually LOATHE!).

Back to Levi! Jenny and Carli were making fun of one of Jenny's hand-me-down coats from Jenny's aunt and Levi got in on the fun. It's very warm but also makes one look a little too pimp-like (Levi is Ballin').

German Market Downtown Chicago:
Happy Chanukah!

This evening Jenny, Levi, and I met up with Jenny's Aunt Martha and Uncle Ed for a lovely meal at the Clubhouse in Oakbrook Mall. It was amazing food and the staff loved Levi... he loved the spoon.

Baby Buddha!

Just hanging out family style before bed

Ok, no more pictures Levi. Have a good week all and don't let Tiger get you down!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maxin' and Relaxin' Jones Style!

Pretty quiet week on the Jones front. The highlight was of course a visit from Aunt Dru and her sales rep Brywyn. It was really nice for Jenny because it got her out of the house an extra two times this week (yay for my wife socializing!). Any ways, Levi is doing very well and despite the fact that he's still having potty issues resulting from the barium study, he's thriving in his motor skills development, including tummy time and grabbing things.

Considering a lot of time was spent downtown visiting Dru, Levi had to be bundled up a lot, which is a hilarious process with cute results!

This was the conclusion of story time with Levi one night. There's a video that precludes this lovely scene but that will be staying in house...

Jenny was very excited about this outfit that finally fits Levi... it is the only piece of clothing he has that says I Love Mommy, opposed to the handful of I Love Daddy outfits (not my fault, I blame all you Levi clothing purchasers... well done!).

Here's Aunt Dru for those of you that have not had the pleasure.

This reminds me of Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story!

An awesome St. Nick hat from St. Nick (my mom).

Just chillin' before an adventure outdoors!

Relaxing upon ariving back home.

Have a good week everyone and go Pack!