Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Week at Home

Hello! It's time for another update from Levi-land. You may be wondering why we keep posting on Tuesday instead of the usual Sunday night, but I felt it was necessary this week to wait until after Levi's six month check, so that I could tell you how awesome our little 15 lb. 15 oz. 26 incher is doing... He's doing terrific, as if there was any other answer, and that's what his doctor said too. For the other weeks, posting on Tuesday was just a matter of laziness...
As hilarious as the above picture is, as Levi tries to simultaneously gnaw on his hand, Jenny's pull string and the rings on his elephant, Blueberry Bill (Jenny's handiwork), this was really just our way of making you look at our amazing lasagna that we made!

Levi is starting to get the hang of sitting up; it won't be long before he's crawling all over the place. It might be time to buffer all our table edges...

Levi loves to take his nuk out and put it back in. Rarely does it end up back in the same way it came out; this was pretty close.

"Gimme the camera!"

Now that Levi is a rolling machine, he falls asleep in the best positions, like the "butt in the air" cuddle...

Or the "I hate the light" lounge.

He always manages to find the corner...

Enjoy as Levi makes his own brand of music!

Before I go, I need to ask you all for a huge favor. This past week some friends of ours, Matt and Lauren, lost their baby, Isaiah David, at 32 weeks (second miscarriage in less than 14 months)... So, please lift them up as you speak with God over the next few months and pray that they can make it through each day knowing that God is in control and loves us. I'll leave you with a few words from Lauren...

"A few months before my grandmother passed away, she gave my mother her rosary. Its beads remind us that the FATHER encircles and wraps us with love. At the base of my grandmother's rosary, JESUS the MESSIAH, our hope and salvation, stretches HIS arms, victorious over death. The day after my son, Isaiah, walked into those same arms, my mother gave me this rosary."



kindra said...

Yay Mr. I can sit up!!

(Btw... I noticed the b&w pic you were telling me about the other day... so cool!!)

Anonymous said...

"Everyone likes their own Brand" haha. Love the cute music!! haha Mr. Squeakers.

P.s. Your friends are in my prayers.