Sunday, February 14, 2010

I See Teefs! Waaaaahhhh!

Here we are back to the weekend updates! I know you're extremely excited, even those of you that don't check in until Monday or later. We had a pretty scary moment this week... we lost our camera for a couple days! However, you'll be happy to know that not only did we find it, but we have a spare camera and Sammi (my oldest younger sister) was in town this weekend to share in the picture taking (see if you can spot the camera quality difference).
So, Levi's week was still well documented...
and by the way, Levi's bottom two front teef (teeth)
came in this weekend. His mommy is beside herself
because she thinks her baby is gone (eyes rolling).
He is very very close to crawling.
He'll move a hand then a leg and then...fall or cry.

Jenny left Levi on the couch with my laptop. He rolled down from sitting up and started going to town on the keys...

He was very excited!

"Look at me, I'm a big boy!"

Jenny is trying to enjoy time with baby Levi, before he becomes toddler Levi.

"Is there something in my mouth?"

Big Smiles!

"Hi, Auntie Sammi; you better share that sucker with me!"
"I ain't doin' nuffin' "

Just lovin' on his Auntie Sammi.
Here's Levi's new favorite game...

I'll leave you with a short story from Sammi's babysitting adventures this week. Sammi was asking the four-year-old she was sitting for what she wanted to be when she grows up. After a short pause the insightful little one responded, "Well...I think I'Munna be in charge when I grow up, 'cuz mom said when I grow up I'munna be in charge but right now it's her turn." CLASSIC!

Have a great week everyone,
and Happy First Birthday, Cyrus!!

...and Valentine's Day :)

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Tooooo cute!
love you all! smooches