Sunday, February 28, 2010

Levi loves his "Mama" and "Daddy"

"Who put this drool on my face?" It's another week at the Jones Flat and guess what, we were busy once again. First off, Jenny's aunt Dru was in town on business and we got to enjoy two fun evenings with her. Levi was very excited about his new stuffed animal.

Oh, and he is SOOOO close to crawling... probably sometime this month. Jenny is savoring her last moments of Levi's lack of mobility.

And he's a chip off the old block, he loves electronics.
"Someone get that cell phone away from Levi!"

Carli and Steve made a trip down this weekend, too. They made their way over to IKEA with Levi and Jenny while I was working on Friday. The girls decided to try some hats on Levi...

It was a good week with family and friends. Levi is developing so fast and has become quite the little talker, except when he's chewing on the closest item he can find.

And by the way... he said, "Dada!"

Here's a video of what we could get Levi to say with the cameras rolling. I'll admit his "Mama," is quite often more of a "baba," and he doesn't make the association with what he's saying. But as parents it is uber-exciting! Hopefully, he'll be quoting football facts like his dad in no time!

Thanks again to all those that are following the blog and spending some time keeping up with our life. I'll leave you with the following message... " You're loved! God loves you!" For some reason I feel like there's some of you out there that just need to hear that. Have a great week everyone and God bless!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Sooooo cute, and what a smartie!! Love the hats.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Even after 5 times,I still think he is a doll. I can see his little teeth when I enlarge the pictures. He definitely will be crawling by the end of next week. What a ham for the cameras. Can't wait for next Sunday's installment.

Mike and Jen said...

So sweet. Go Levi! Crawling will change a lot but it is so much fun. I love the blogs!

Anonymous said...

My grandson is the cutest little sweetie pie~I can't stand it!
And his parents aren't too bad either! Love all of you, Gammy

Jenny said...

"I want my mama!!" ;)

Jenny R said...

I think he said, "I want my mama!" ;)

The Jones Pod said...

I think you're right!! ;)