Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Partyin' Wisconsin Style!

Well, I'm a few days late on the Wisconsin trip update but better late than never... Anyways, our trip to Wisconsin was for SO many reasons; but at its core it was to spend time with our friends the Roundys before they head off to Senegal to be full time missionaries - sadly (but awesomely) we were having too much fun that we forgot to take any pictures. However, there are plenty from all the activities that surrounded that lovely day. First off, you can see Levi above sporting a quality Ryan Grant jersey and lulu lemon sweatband. Quite the combo and I'm not sure what he's watching but it looks intense!

So, off we go late Thursday night to Nani and Papa's - the family was comfortable jammed in the back seats... Jenny is enjoying some hilarious Seinfield episodes.
Wow! 2 for 2! Papa has been sprayed with poop by both his grandsons and both times were the first time Papa held the boys in his house - CRAZY and hilarious!
Nani loves to give her little grandbabies baths!

Friday was a weird day... we had professional pictures taken (silent auction gift my mom got us - long story where I could rant about photography mark-ups but I won't) and hung out with the ROUNDYS! Kickball, movies, Ticket to Ride (board game), steak, chicken, laughs, music, ice cream, fudge fondue and just lots of fun... but no pictures :(

Saturday was hang-out with college friends day/Levi Wisconsin Birthday Party Part 1. We had an amazing time with Chris, Sarah, Zac, Amanda, EJ, and Greta. From cupcakes to brats to presents to Star Wars v. Star Trek debates, it was another day of pure fun!

Levi - Master of Disguise!

Ohhhh..... cupcake.

"Now that's good eatin'!"

"I better finish this off before Chris gets his hands on it!"

Hangin' with Sarah watching TV

Zac sporting the Cop Mustache while chillin' with Tigue

(Mustache didn't last 24 hours)

My little particular 2 year-old

(enjoying the cars he got from EJ and Greta)


This is how you party PARENT-STYLE!

Sunday was Levi Wisconin Birthday Party Part 2. We all got together at my parents house and I had to check out the aftermath upon arrival. Wisconsin had some nasty storms in June - my childhood treefort didn't make it :(

(it's fallen down the tree a good 15 feet)

Our good family friends the Hardins dropped off some quality rides for Levi to use at Grandpa and Grandma's. My dad wasn't as thrilled about the new additions to store :)

Jenny and Levi takimg a ride on my parents' sports court -

think basketball/tennis/volleyball/shuffleboard/etc. court

Levi getting some instruction from Bompa

Opening presents with Goggy!

More cars!

Grandm Lucy (my dad's mother) crocheted a beautiful jacket and hat for Tigue -

Levi needed to test out the hat :)


Levi, you already blew out the candles!

It was a perfect weekend. We got to see a lot a people and still only had to be in one place each day (other than the photoshoot on Friday). Thank you all for the lovely weekend and tons of laughs!

Well, my ambitions of posting consistency are being tested by the world of work. I'm still a week behind but I'll try to get another post up soon. Have a lovely rest of the week "followers" and thanks for taking the time to check in on us!

"What can I give back to GOD for the blessings HE's poured out on me?" ~Psalm 116:12


Anonymous said...

Great job Bud.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. They are all great. It is fun to see Tigue wide awake. Such a cutie-like his big brother.
Love you all,