Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bonus - Double Issue!

That's right two weeks of JonesPod awesomeness packed into one post! Let's be honest... it was the only way I was going to get caught up. Dreams of posting twice in one week just need to be put away, along with being a professional athlete and getting an iPad. Any ways, welcome back, we had quite a lot of visitors over the last two weeks and my work schedule is really starting to ramp up - about 75 hours a week right now (can't wait for the hundred hour weeks). Enough venting about the career I chose, let's move on. In the above picture Levi is sporting the knit sweater my grandmother made for Tigue (I mentioned it last week) and that's all he's sporting...

Below is Levi... this is a typical look after his afternoon nap.
This is Tigue during a rare afternoon nap :)
Tigue had to have an ultrasound two weeks ago to see if his belly button was closing up. This contraption was in the waiting room - I forget what it's called but something about kinetics and audio and motion...
FINALLY - we made the call to buy a Bob Duallie Stroller!
Isn't it wonderful...
Perfect for two cute little boys and a Mama that NEEDS to get around!
He's pretty crafty :)
And the outfit matching begins
Oh no, not the MUNCH!
Funny :)
Levi sporting his new jammies from his aunties
So, on the last day of July 2011 we got to hang out with the Roundys one last time before they headed off to Senegal. It was exciting and sad to send them off.
Jenny, Jenny R., and Misty trying to act goofy to fight off the tears...
We'll see you in February 2013! That's right, Jenny and I have about 18 months to learn french, get 5 million shots and prep to visit the Roundys!
Levi is TWO NOW so it's time for the big boy bed!
His room needs some major decorating but we had to show you the bed.
Jenny got a chance late last week to go hang out with Brittany and the Perricone Clan. Lots of backyard fun with water and SPACE to play!
The boys "sharing" the squirt-gun
The littler boys resting out of the sun
We also got the pleasure of Laura and her new BF (Neal) visiting this past weekend. I had to work until right before they had to leave but I made it back to take this much needed picture :)
OK - time to ramp up the Tigue facial pictures; we've been slacking with the fact that Levi is just slightly more amusing at this point, but I think Tigue is ready to hold his own!
And if friends weren't enough, Papa and the boys' uncles stopped by on Sunday!
Just bein' a good big brother
I like to think he's just working his calves...
not cross-dressing
Whatever, he's two and he looks cute!
~ Just Being Silly ~
He's going to smile...
Lastly, Jenny went and picked out Levi's new kicks today with birthday money from Mimi. They just add a whole new level of cool to our two-year-old.
And with that we wrap up TWO more weeks in ChiTown with the JonesPod. Please be praying for Jenny to have easy days over the next month and that my schedule is flexible enough that I can work from home whenever possible. Thanks all for checking in again and have a wonderful rest of the week... NFL PRESEASON!!!! YAH!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" ~ James 1:17


Christensen 5 said...

Awww. they are so cute. I love my bob duallie. FYI- it also fits 3 with the 3rd on the bump (like D does). Just saying :) Have a great week!

kindra said...

I LOVE those matching outfits!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful two weeks of pictures. Tigue is getting so big and Levi is looking so grown-up. And now with the big boy bed and all- my goodness. Does he love it? Auntie Jeni is watching for that picture of Levi in his Elmo chair. Did you not take it to Chicago? Thanks again for the great update. LOVED IT!!!
Love you all,

Ashley said...

Two weeks worth of pictures means I have a lot to say....

75 hours a week? Are you kidding me? Yikes! Good luck!!

Is Tigue's belly button closing up? You left out that part. Did everything look okay at the ultrasound?

You got a BOB! I am sooooo jealous!!!

Tigue doesn't look too happy with his binky on his head...


IKEA just opened up here, and Connor was majorly wishing for that bed- lucky Levi!

Sheesh, you've been busy!! Good luck to you guys in the coming busy season!!!!

JJR said...

Hey guys, so fun to look at pics from our time together in chicago before we left. We miss you tons! We need to skype soon, or you can call us now, or voip is working. :) Can't wait to see you!