Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daddy Who?

The Jones' to the north came to visit the weekend before last.
We had lots of fun, which included naps, Indie Cafe,
time at the park, and custard!

Just Cute...

Levi has been an awesome big brother -
he loves to just hang with his lil' brother :)

Man, Levi, you are just a little social butterfly!
Hangin' with little Janey!

Don't mess with this tough guy!
Jenny and the boys went to visit the Perricones last week.
Levi did a little regressing...

Check out these little studs!

Just our little happy baby!
He started giggling this week - AMAZING!

I was able to go home at a decent time on my birthday
and hang out with my beautiful wife and handsome little boys

Gotta love a kid who can fall asleep anywhere...

Levi, just being a goof

"Hi brother!"

"Hi Brother!"

Munchy is always munching...

The best part of my life

Jenny and the boys went to the zoo this week with
Jordan and Somerlie - pure fun!

Petting the goats

It's not Central Park - but still pretty nice

Tigue Fashion Show!

Tigue - sporting the Noah's Ark-style jumper...

Tigue - rockin' it out

Just two fun-lovin' brothers

I got home at a decent time tonight and was able to go to the park with the boys. Levi had fun going down the slide with all the big kids. They were EXTREMELY good with him - we love our new neighborhood!

Fifteen days and counting my friends! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like our engagements are in good shape and that multiple all-nighters will not be a part of my September 2011. Thank you all for your prayers and for those of you that have helped out and given Jenny a break or just hung out with Jenny and the boys - you've all been a great help and blessing. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend all and CONGRATULATIONS to the Gamaches on the birth of their son Elias ("Eli")!!! We are so happy for you!!
Happy belated birthday to Nani, Laura-Bora, and Goggy!

"I can do all this through HIM who gives me strength." ~ Phil. 4:13

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JJR said...

would so love to be closer and be able to come over and hang out. I love the pic of Jenny holding Tigue sleeping! Levi is getting used to goats for his trip to Senegal. There are goats all over the place.

Much love and missing you from Africa