Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Headed Home!

That's right the tradition continues! TheJonesPod take-home sunglasses picture - I even drove all the way home to get Levi just for the picture... well, Jenny will say it was for the take home experience but we all know the truth. Anyways, we're headed home! Tigue has his awesome take home outfit on and he's relaxed and ready to go!
Aviator Gabriel Tigue
Steve and Carli AND Cayden visited us the first weekend we were home (this is our new living room). The dudes just watching the tube... most likely Elmo.
Yes, Tigue does the O-face too!
In order to make sure Levi still feels loved :)
I take him to the park a few times a day
(only 2 blocks from our new home).
My Sweet Big Boy
(Levi hears an airplane over head)
First bath at home!
Sarah and Chris visited this past week too!
Levi relaxed with Sarah after a visit to the park.
Back to the cutie new baby...
Mimi, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Jane visited as well.
It was great to have them.
Levi and I practiced writing...
Levi loves Thai food...
well, at least playing with chopsticks.
Levi practicing being a parent with a Peanut carrier
Just testing out the lights in his new pad
Well, I'm still getting use to including Tigue in the blog but here he is just chillin'. He had an amazing first two doctors' appt. By day 5 Tigue was heavier than his birth weight and was up another 11 oz in one week. He also is very alert, has good coloring (he was somewhat jaundiced at birth), and is an awesome eater!
He's also pretty cute when he sleeps.
Thanks again for checking in and after almost two weeks I would say we're settling into our new home with our new addition quite well. We love our new neighborhood, new home, and Tigue, of course! Have a great rest of the week and I'll make sure to post more Tigue and new home pictures next week.

"Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from HIM."
Psalm 127:3


kindra said...

I love the one of his O face!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see an update. Such cute boys you have. Levi is looking so grown-up, now that he is a big brother. All the pictures are great and I especially love the going home one. So cute!!!
Love to you all,

Ashley said...

Jenny, you are so gorgeous!! Love seeing the pictures of your boys- both of them, very adorable!! Good luck to you!