Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2 - Little Tigue Guy

Mama and baby are recovering well. For those of you that are not friends with us on facebook or who do not have facebook here's a run down on yesterday. Jenny's water broke at about 3am Wednesday morning. Things were moving pretty slow and the doctor was fine with us coming in later that morning (need to have baby today to really lessen the chance of infection). We got Levi up around 6:30, got him fed and took him to our amazing friends the Dalachs. We got the hospital around 8:30am and Jenny really wasn't progressing as we got closer and closer to noon. At noon they started her on pitocin, by 1pm she was in VERY active labor, she was at 10 cm by 2:15pm and Gabriel Tigue was born at 2:30pm exactly! It was super fast!
We are so in love with our new little boy! He is so precious and super chill. And FYI - Our older little boy is loving time with Nani and Papa back at our apartment.
Thank you to all the visitors today (Annie, the Dalachs, and Christina); it was wonderful to see you and share our little man with you. We'll be checking out tomorrow late morning/early afternoon and I'll get the next two weeks off to be with my pod!
Have a wonderful rest of the week all and give us a call if you'd like to visit! God bless and once again thank you to all that were praying for a safe and easy delivery, a health little boy, and for Jenny not to get sick; God provided, AMEN! Well that's enough exclamation marks from this excited father. Good night!

"I asked the LORD to give me this boy, and HE has granted my request."
~ I Samuel 1:27

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Ashley said...

Oh, he is so precious!!! Jenny, you look FANTASTIC!! Congratulations again, he is adorable!