Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh No, There's a Baby in the Laundry

Welcome to another week at the Jones household! This week was packed with hosting... and lots of clean-up. We had the landlord stop by to take pictures on Monday (because he liked the "upgrades" we made and wanted to send pictures back to his family in Romania), Bible study at our place on Tuesday, and then the best visitors, Carli and Steve Brogli over the weekend. In order to prepare for Brogs we had to wash the bed sheets, Levi helped...
and added his own little "chewy" touch.

Carli and Jenny being... Carli and Jenny.

Jenny was messing with the camera settings (also Steve and I are playing Madden 10 here, which ours wives HATE, actually LOATHE!).

Back to Levi! Jenny and Carli were making fun of one of Jenny's hand-me-down coats from Jenny's aunt and Levi got in on the fun. It's very warm but also makes one look a little too pimp-like (Levi is Ballin').

German Market Downtown Chicago:
Happy Chanukah!

This evening Jenny, Levi, and I met up with Jenny's Aunt Martha and Uncle Ed for a lovely meal at the Clubhouse in Oakbrook Mall. It was amazing food and the staff loved Levi... he loved the spoon.

Baby Buddha!

Just hanging out family style before bed

Ok, no more pictures Levi. Have a good week all and don't let Tiger get you down!

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Ashley said...

ADORABLE pictures of Levi! What a smiley baby!!