Monday, August 3, 2009

One week down, 935 to go!

We can hardly believe that a week has already gone by, and Jenny survived her first day home with Levi by herself (I went back to work today, but productive would not be a good word to describe it...).

Levi has been pretty active for his first week, including time with Uncle John, Great Aunt Leslie (Nancy's Sister) and Auntie Sammi, having his first check-up at the doctor's office, strolling around Roscoe Village (our neighborhood), and lots of hiccups!

And not surprisingly, he has spent a lot of time sleeping...

Parenthood has been a huge blessing so far and as much as I hated having to go to work today and am dreading the rest of the week away from Jenny and Levi, it was exciting hearing how much Jenny was enjoying her time alone with her son (Including dressing him up in a ducky outfit that made him look like a little girl).

Thank you all for your loving words, prayers, and encouragement. Hopefully you'll all get a chance to meet him sooner rather than later! Have a wonderful rest of the week and once again I'll post if anything exciting happens or at least look for another post this time next week. ~Casey

P.S. I forgot to mention, and I didn't even think about it until later last week, but Jenny's on-call doctor was Dr. Levin (LEVI-n), and delivery doctor was Dr. Levitt (LEVI-tt)... it was meant to be! Happy One Week, Levi!!!


Sarah said...

Oh man! That duck outfit! Looks like Levi's movin' in on my territory! Can't wait to meet him. Seriously. We love him already!!!

Love you guys! (all 3 of you!)

Kath said...

Love seeing and hearing about little Levi! Congrats to you and Jenny. I saw John at the pool and he filled me in with how great Levi is... Hope you're doing well.
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