Monday, December 12, 2011

My iPhone Thanksgiving Recap

Well, I promised I would go through our iPhone photos and put together a recap from Thanksgiving and boy am I delivering! Yes, it is a few days late but I wanted to get back on my Monday update schedule to line up with the day after Christmas... Ok, it wasn't that believable but now we're here so let's move on.

Levi and I are engrossed in the technology age and we had to make sure to update our teams for those sneaky Thanksgiving day games!

It is great that Levi is now in a big boy bed as it makes going to friends' houses and traveling out of town much easier. He shared a room with his uncle Drew while we were up in Wisconsin. Jenny's dad moved the top bunk down onto the floor so that Levi wouldn't have to climb the ladder... very thoughtful ;)

Sometimes a regular punishment just doesn't get the signal across...
actually he put himself in Tucker's kennel at the Broglis...

After a tough morning of preparing Thanksgiving meals Levi and Auntie DoDo took a well deserved nap in Auntie KyKy's room.

MunchyMoo is cute - just sayin'

This picture is a little out of order but here we are back at the Broglis' and Levi is helping "Clown Lady" (Aunt Carli) feed little man Cayden.

"Yes, this bottle is more interesting than the Packer game Bonka"
(Levi calls my dad Bonka and recently it's just Bonk)
(We'll also work on Tigue's Packer appreciation)

Jenny's amazing brined Turkey - simply amazing!
Jenny basically prepared Thanksgiving dinner at her parents' by herself.
It was very impressive and delicious!

Not your typical Thanksgiving pie...
but much better!
(Jenny's Molten Lava Cakes)

Happy to be relaxing with my boys after a great Thanksgiving dinner!

It wouldn't be a visit to my parents' without some quality cards...

And that was Thanksgiving week in a nutshell. It was a great time with family and friends and the iPhones definitely came in handy without having our camera on us all the time.

Lastly, this past week can be summed up in this: Jenny made a headboard for our bed on Saturday. She's getting pretty crafty. With her medical career on hold she's found some pretty great outlets for her intelligence and hands-on ability. And now we're one step closer to having an actual adult bedroom...

Have a great week everyone and with only 13 days until Christmas make sure you find time to get some shopping done or just go online and name a star after everyone you have to buy a gift for - it's hilariously disappointing and will show you who really knows the meaning of Christmas... Good night all and God bless!

"For to us a CHILD is born,
to us a SON is given,
and the government will be on HIS shoulders.
And HE will be called
Wonderful COUNSELOR, Mighty GOD,
Everlasting FATHER, PRINCE of Peace." ~ Isaiah 9:6

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