Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wisconsin Getaway...

It's official - Levi is a big boy! He had his first dentist appointment this past week and just like any other normal two year old he hated it, but he did enjoy the treasure chest of toys and getting to watch Elmo in the dentist chair!

And just to show how proud of Levi we were Jenny took him over to the park across the street form the dentist - it's pretty sweet!

Look at those pearly whites!

Our boys are getting SO big :)

Levi also started his classes this week. That's right Levi is in classes! He has a music class on Wednesdays and gymnastics/tumbling on Fridays. We were delighted to be reminded that we have THAT KID... the one that rolls around and can't sit still. Tumbling is perfect for that; music class is still a work in progress.

Just Mama and Levi being cool
(Levi is showing off his attitude face)

On Friday we headed up to Wisconsin after Levi's tumbling class. We had a lovely lunch with Goggy, Bompa, and my aunt Jeni. It was a lovely meal and lots of good laughs! Afterward we headed over to the Broglis for the remainder of the weekend. Levi is here enjoying some Elmo.

Saturday morning we went to Jenny's brother Drew's Cross Country Meet...
The weather wasn't very cooperative.

Back at the Broglis Jenny and Levi enjoyed some quality bonding time outside while the rest of us watched the Packers pound on the Bears!

"oh, wet"

Back at home Levi enjoys a morning watching The Incredibles.
Some mornings you just need to be lazy.

Tigue is getting so big and his eyes and eyelashes are almost as bold and beautiful as Levi's. It's probably only a matter of time...

Our manly little "ribbon" dancer
(those are shoe laces)

"I'm a human dressed as an elephant and you're an elephant dressed as a human... funny"

Jenny is already testing out Halloween costumes
(final decisions yet to be determined)

And that wraps up the final full week of September 2011. I didn't post any pictures but thanks to Chris and Sarah for including us in the Brewers' Tailgating and game - we had a blast! And congrats to the Brewers on the NL Central title, 96 win season (new franchise record) and BOO to Joses Reyes on his CHEAP batting average title! Have a great weekend everyone and go Packers!

"Unless the LORD builds the house,
the builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the guards stand watch in vain." ~ Psalm 127:1

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Ashley said...

Oh, love the picture in the swings! Congrats, Levi- great teeth!