Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Business Time

"I'll mess you up!"

"Here's what I think of that!"

"I'm the champ, don't even think about it!"

Sorry for making you sweat it out for an extra 24 hours again... but tax season is a tricky beast. As fun as working until 4:30am is, I can honestly say I would have rather set up this blog post instead.

Levi is getting so big! I feel like every other morning his face is changing or he's 3 inches taller. He's talking a ton, inching his way around the house, and growling and spitting on/at everything. And oh yeah, he LOVES Cheerios!

And he has two very cute teeth!

He's very intense, also.

Jenny was excited that her dress straps matched Levi's Tigger towel.

Normally, I'd be jealous if Jenny was spending this much time with another guy, but look at that face! It's about time I admit I've been replaced as Jenny's number one man...

Levi between crawls.

Levi's thinking of writing the next posting; I'm not so sure his pounding will get him very far. I think he should stick to practicing crawling...

Have a good week everyone and welcome to the "outside" world Tate Glissmeyer! Congrats David and Ashley! (That's right, Ashley, mentioned on our blog two weeks in a row)

Go Bucks!


Mike and Jen said...

Thanks for the pics. Casey hang in there- Jenny you too. Levi is as usual adorable. Jenny you look gorgeous- of course. Miss you guys! We are planning to come to WI this summer with the whole clan. We would love to see you!

The Jones Pod said...

YEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!! PLEASE let us know when you're in town, we'd absolutely make the trip to see you!!

<3 <3

Ashley said...

You guys are my favorite! I almost wish that David would have taken the Chicago job so we could hang out, except for the 4:30 a.m. working!! Hope it ends soon! I love the tongue picture- does Levi do that a lot? It's cute!

JJR said...

Great pictures of Levi, sorry to hear about your being replaced by him as Jenny's #1 man. :)
It was so fun to see you guys, sure hope you are having a good week and have recovered from our stay. :)