Monday, March 22, 2010

E. Coli is to rectal swab as JonesPod visitors are to...

NUMEROUS!! Now there's an SAT analogy if I've ever heard one!
Welcome to another delayed Levi update (only up until 4am last night; however, you should NOT be sad for me, I choose to work late instead of miss time with my family). That said, look at that cute little baby! That's his new laughing face. He squints and kind of pushes his chin forward making his teeth extra exposed and cute. This week was pretty busy. Levi's girlfriend, Laura stayed over Wednesday night (don't worry, we made them sleep in different rooms); the Roundys stayed over on Thursday,
and Jenny's Dad on Friday.

Cool baby in his stunner shades.

Levi riding a giraffe at Borders...ok.

ROUNDY TIME!!!!!!!!!!
Settlers per our usual JonesPod/Roundy Tribe hangouts.
How fun are we.

Here are all those adorable, snuggly Roundy children
having story time in our bed. They slept here for a short time
while we "growed-ups" hung out in the family room.

This next picture is awesomely cute,
but even better with the comparison to his trip home from the hospital...


Levi lovin' on his Papa Tiggy, in a Tigger towel; priceless.

Here's Levi, the Mr. Hyde version... Jenny sees him more than I do :)

Levi is watching TV through the playpen.

Or just chewing on it.

The week ended with a visit to Romeoville for a friend's baby shower. Lots of babies were in attendance, too! Both Levi and his bestest buddy baby John were wearing sweater vests...priceless. But at this point, Levi had already managed to grind numerous bits of Cheerios into the cable knitting
(yes, our baby's outfit was cable knit!).
So he's not wearing his. But look how cute John is!!

Well that's all, folks! And speaking of swabs I'd say good luck staying healthy at the end of this cold and flu season, but with our new fascist health care plan on the horizon I don't think you'll need it!

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