Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome Back! (August 2013)

 With the final 2012 state tax return going out to the client this Friday... the work world is finally starting to calm down. Last year was actually a lot easier... I just sat at home and ate brown rice (and learned how to walk again). Any ways, it's time to get you all caught up on what is the dealio. So, let's start with how we roll (above) on the L-train. I don't honestly recommend a child on your shoulders on a train but Levi and I have awesome cores...

Let's think back... what big events happened in August 2013. I was working, the boys kept being cute, Jenny was a little business lady, hmmm.... Well, Levi was looking dashing!

Tigue was looking pretty smashing too! Interesting that they are matching...

Oh yeah! Sammi and Dylan got married - congrats guys!

Back in Chi-town, our boys are big fans of the bean in Millennium Park.

What's better than Tigue?! Two Tigues!!!

Lovin' the city with Mama!

These bears are weird, but the boys love them :)

Just enjoying his morning coffee...

Tigue is more of a mocha guy!

Tigue is trying to make the socks and sandals happen!
(I think he's pulling it off)

Tigue watches TV at the top of the couch...
 Levi has his couch arm
(no one uses the actually sitting area of the couch)

It was a tough day...

Trying to get more use out of the classy hats

I call this: Possibilities :)

Those D*MN bears!

This only has three ounces of jelly!?

Counter Eating!

As busy season began to peak, Jenny and the boys came downtown to have brunch with me and give me some comic relief :)

I think... he sat in a puddle.

Jenny and the boys got stuck in the rain, but they definitely worked it!

Annual trip to the race tracks!
(another chance to use the classy hats)

"So, Dad when's the next update?
I'm keeping your phone until it comes out!"

Finally, the time has come for us to get back on the path of what's important! I will try to keep the updates rolling and punch out a bunch this month. Hopefully that will get me back in the habit! Thank you Goggy, Uncle Jim, Dad, and Chris for keeping on me for an update :) Have a great rest of the week everyone and I will see you soon - I promise!

"May the GOD who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that CHRIST JESUS had" ~ Romans 15:5


Wendy said...

Thank you for the update. Love seeing those boys and you and Jenny of course.
Love you all!!


Ashley said...

Hey! Nice to see an update on your cute little family. We've been thinking of you guys. We've tried to email a few times, but maybe we have the wrong address? Anyways, hello to you all!!

Anonymous said...

What a joy!!! I challenge any family to be cuter! Such a busy group you are, and enjoying it all. Keep the blogs up and running. I especially love the boys in the wedding outfits. So adorable!! Thanks, Casey for the update and Jenny for the cute pictures.
Love you all so much,