Monday, March 25, 2013

Lazy Bones...

 Sometimes you just need to chill... and theJonesPod knows how to chill! Well, all of us except an unnamed sassy pants who is the self-proclaimed king of theJonesPod...
(I won't say which one but let's just say his name rhymes with pie)

Tigue had to be like Daddy and have his feet on the table...
Not so comfortable for Daddy.
(I don't know what Levi is doing)

Just happy to be like his Daddy :)

This past weekend the Brog-sters came to visit! All our pictures of the boys are in the bath...
so this will have to do :)

A great find at the Thrift Shop!
(Yes that is our new favorite song)

 Another chapter in "Life in Leviland"

Simply incredible artistry...
Look at that lighting!

Bro Bro brushing his teeth...

 This is Tigue's favorite brushin' spot!

Nothing is more exciting than cleaning behind the stove!

So much for a brotherly pact...
"Look what Tigue do-ed!"

Who needs a super shield when you have...

"It doesn't fit in my pocket..."

Don't judge me...

Loving our Shedd Aquarium Membership!

 Growing up too fast!

 He can't have one minute of peace!
(Poor Tigue Baby)

Deep in concentration

I can't believe he starts Pre-School in the fall...

Future Fighting Irishman!

Nothing ends a night like pretending to be CHICKENS!

 I can't believe it is almost Easter... and April for that matter! We wish you all a happy Easter week and remember what this holiday means... Our LOVING FATHER sent HIS SON to die for our sins. HE provided us with a way to escape eternal separation from HIM, and in place of that separation a life eternal with HIM in paradise...Our GOD had a plan, HE implemented it, and HE saved us - it is HIS plan... AMEN!

"And this is the testimony: GOD has given us eternal life, and this life is in HIS SON. Whoever has the SON has life; whoever does not have the SON of GOD does not have life." ~ 1 John 5:11-12

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Anonymous said...

My, what busy boys you have. The better to keep you on your toes,dear mommy and daddy. Their minds are never still.. always thinking of things to do. They are getting so grown up and still the cutest boys around.
Love you all,