Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EPIC FALL 2012 UPDATE (3 of 3)

 And so we have arrived at the end of 2012! December is upon us and it's time to relax and enjoy one last month of me being at home full time. Nothing says relaxed like Cheerios in a dump truck bed...

The boys are such high energy, but a morning with their friend Jordan means even MORE FUN!

Time to finish up the CHRISTmas decorations...
Levi was an expert ornament-putter-on-er!

Back to relaxing. If you can get Tigue in the right comatose state he will join his brother on the couch for some quality R&R... 


 Sometimes snacking doesn't even make it out of the kitchen.
 Hmmmmm. what goes well with Cheerios?!



Tigue loves his new slippers and Luigi and Guido cars!
 Levi loves his new airplane!


We made our way up to Jenny's parents on CHRISTmas day.
Tigue was famished from the voyage!

Levi got this insane adventure truck that had almost a dozen launch points for the little action figures.
I was super jealous; it is awesome!

Tigue continued to get gifts to add to his Elmo collection...

 Now that's pure joy!
(with Nani and Great Aunt Leslie)

Just my cuties and me :)

If opening gifts at home and Nani and Papa's wasn't enough...
Time for CHRISTmas at my parents!

But one day at my parents wasn't enough! We got to spend my mom's birthday with Goggy, Bompa, and Great Grandma Lucy and have another round of CHRISTmas! The boys are excited to put their new wagon to use this spring/summer! Thanks Goggy and Bompa!
Back at the Nani and Papa ranch Tigue gets his TRAIN on!

Levi testing out his new cooking attire...

I think it helped his craft!

Back at home the Jones boys chillax on the couch...


 An amazing new hat from Great Grandma Lucy!
Thanks Grandma Lucy!

The boys also got an easel from my sisters and Dylan; it's been a hit!

And so we've arrived at the New Year! From a "my health" update perspective, December was not as exciting as November, but physical therapy went well all month and the test results from the nephrologists all came back with great results for my muscles and kidneys! I even went back to work for a few days and got reacquainted with the professional world. Thank you all again for your prayers, time, encouragement, and visits - you made the end of our year survivable and memorable! Happy New Year and GOD bless!

"O LORD my GOD, I called to YOU for help and YOU healed me." ~ PSALM  30:2

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pod family,
It looks like you had a great Christmas. What happy boys! So, so adorable. They sure have enough to keep them busy for awhile. Thanks for the update, it is such a joy to see new photos of all of you. Casey, we are so thankful for your continued good health. Keep us posted.
Love to all