Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Month of Mysteries...

Really, 20 days! Sad effort son... I can't believe it's been three weeks and I apologize for that, but man time flies during busy season and before you know it you're eating corn beef and cabbage and watching VCU spank Purdue. Any ways, Levi is getting so smart (no bias), so funny, and even cuter. I know you didn't think it was possible, but oh yes, it happened. And guess what, he loves balloons!

Oh the mysterious white ball of air... that floats.

And squishy

I think another phrase to describe this month would be BIG-BOY! We seem to find Levi doing "adult" things all the time, like sitting in a chair doing the crossword.

Levi, you look kind of shiny.

Do you have a body-building competition later today?

No, just playing with Vaseline :)

"Levi, can you tell me what's wrong with this return?"

"I sink da real question is how do I get Ehh-mo to show up on here, Daddy."

"With a Daddy Hug!"

Playing at the park with Mama

Can't get enough of that swing!

Levi loves to look out our front windows at cars, people, and animals passing by.


"Nothing, you're just cute."

Well, I'm done making promises for weekly updates or consistent posting. Come on, our life is anything but consistent. Have a great week everyone and here's to a less busy week-and more time with my Monster and wife-lady :)

"But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him,
on those whose hope is in his unfailing love," ~ Psalm 33:18


Anonymous said...

Hooray!!!!! Thank you, thank you, for the new update. As always I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the vaseline pictures. So cute. Such a innocent face he has. Everyday enjoyment for you. These are things that make for years of story telling. Fun, fun.
Hugs and kisses to all.
Luv, Goggy

JJR said...

Great post. I am wondering what levi came up with on that return. I am guessing he upped the deductions and minimized taxes for a more profitable corporation. Miss you guys!

Roundy Tribe