Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The story I'm about to tell has nothing to do with these pictures. There was no time! Instead I've included some pictures of Levi watching Elmo's World. Now let me tell you this is a rare sight; normally this kid can't stop moving for more than 10 seconds...

On to the story as you see Levi slowly fall asleep to Elmo... It was a lovely Sunday afternoon (this past Sunday) and Levi had just gotten up from a nap. He was playing with his car (graphic words to follow) and he let out this huge fart! It was quite juicy and I was sure there was a mess to be cleaned up... I didn't know how right I was. Levi started walking around saying "Booooop..." ("Poop") and Jenny and I thought it was so cute that he was telling us he needed to be changed. A couple minutes later he grabbed his butt again and said, "Ooooooooop..." Jenny and I both laughed. "You are so funny!" Then I noticed some food on the floor. Poor Levi had spit up too... I picked up the chewed pieces of mushy (!?) meat and started walking towards the kitchen to throw them away... sniff... sniff... "IT'S POOP!" That's right Levi had pooped through his diaper and it was all over the floor! SICK. As Jenny described, it was "a treasure hunt of turds!" It was gross; though it was nothing a bath, scrub, a washer and dryer, and some good disinfectant couldn't fix. Just when I thought the poop stories were over...

Nope! Not only is Levi still a poop MONSTER... there's another one on the way! That's right, Jenny and I are expecting Baby P 2.0 this June! Jenny is 19 weeks along and is doing pretty well. Lots of fatigue, morning sickness, and trouble sleeping but we're super excited and she's doing better.

Levi is excited too!

But for now he's still Mama's only little man
(I think he's hoping for a sister to retain his title)

Well, that's it in the world of TheJonesPod! Just poop and ANOTHER BABY! Wow! EXCITED! CRAZY! Fun! BABY! Have a great rest of the week everyone and GO PACKERS!

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations" ~ Jeremiah 1:5


Anonymous said...

Funny story. He calls it like it is-not "Yukky Cackers", like his Daddy did. Congratulations on the new little P. Very exciting and I can't wait to meet him or her. Hope you feel better soon Jenny.
Love you all,

Ashley said...

Nice story, but.. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is such great news!!! I am sorry you aren't feeling well, Jenny... I can definitely understand! It's so much harder when you have other little ones to take care of! Just teach Levi to use the microwave and you'll be set. :0) Good luck to you, and congrats again! (I was joking with David last night after you called about how you guys only talk when one of us is having babies- we need to change that!!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I can finally share the wonderful news!! Praying for all of you-feel better Jenny and no more "yucky cacker" adventures.

Love you,
Grandma G-Woo